Northern Rivers Grove on the Web

Information about ADF and Druidism


  • Ár nDraíocht Féin – ADF’s Home
  • ADF’s Northeast Region – Info on ADF Druids and Groves in the Northeast Region of the US, maintained by our Northeast Regional Druid.
  • Druid Groups Map – An interactive map that shows active Druid groups in major traditions in North America.  This could be incredibly useful to our military friends and family.

Websites Belonging to Grove Members

Local Metaphysical Shops and Pagan Artisans

  • Fire Magick – Watertown, NY
    Fire dancers, spinners, and live performance artists.
  • Handmaiden’s Garden – Sacket’s Harbor, NY
    You’ll find this shop in the lovely village of Sacket’s Harbor, nestled along Lake Ontario.  They offer a plethora of metaphysical goods – divination tools, gems, books, etc – and handmade soaps, oils, and other body products, including one of my favorite natural insect repellants!  Just down the street is their other business, Tea Thyme.
  • Hillwoman Productions – Wellesley Island, NY
    The wonderful and talented Sue-Ryn sells handmade, natural incense, oils, and herbal mixtures.  Her incense is some of the best and purest I’ve ever tried.  You can order from her via phone, but her products are available throughout the region at artist co-ops and natural food stores.  You’ll also find her vending at physic and craft fairs.
  • The Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center – Adams, NY
    Along with generously hosting our rituals, the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center offers yoga classes, a monthly drum circle, a monthly healing session, and workshops on anything from meditation to developing your psychic abilities.  They also have a gift shop which offers instructional books, DVDs, and meditation music.  The land surrounding the yoga center features a beloved stone circle, labyrinth, and nature trail.
  • The Realm Shift – Alexandria Bay, NY
    This shop, just a short walk from the beautiful St. Lawrence River, offers reiki, personal readings, and workshops on psychic skills.  Their shop next door, Treasure Islands, offers some occult themed jewelry, gemstones, and oils.
  • River Wellness – Clayton, NY
    A holistic spa, River Wellness offers various forms of massage, reiki, doula services, and yoga classes right along the beautiful St. Lawrence River.

Websites Belonging to People and Places We Love

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