Northern Rivers Potlucks

A Winter Solstice Potluck!  Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012.

First, a little about our potlucks…

After our rituals, we usually have a potluck to further celebrate and ground ourselves.  We occasionally try to make dishes that relate to the High Day or that include seasonal ingredients, but these “challenges” are never restrictive and guests may bring whatever they are able!  We do, however, ask that everyone bring their own reusable plates, cups, and cutlery so as to limit our impact on the Earth Mother.  Grey Catsidhe tries to bring some extras and usually has compostable plates just in case someone forgets.  This is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When an event is posted on FB, there will be a potluck thread listing the current culinary challenge (if there is one) and those planning to come are asked to share the dish they are planning to bring.  This helps us plan ahead so we don’t have too much of one thing.  Please feel free to share any dietary restrictions or allergies, or let people know if your recipe will contain dairy, eggs, meat, nuts, soy, or gluten.  We usually have quite a variety.  In an effort to be as hospitable as possible, we always try to have at least one vegan and/or gluten-free dish, but we cannot guarantee.  Although we have vegetarian members, guests are free to bring any dish they want and should not feel concerned about hurting feelings or encountering any animosity!  Diet is a personal choice, after all!

If you’re stumped…

Here are some of our favorite recipes from members and friends of Northern Rivers Grove!

Cat’s Gnocchi 

John and Tara’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

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