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Do you feel called by the Nature Spirits, your Ancestors, or the Indo-European Gods?  Do stone circles, groves of trees, or mist-covered ponds fill you with a sense of wonder and magic?  Do myths of old Gods and heros inspire you to be the best you could be?  Perhaps you have already read a bit about Druidism and are curious to find out more.  Perhaps you are looking for a group of positive people to celebrate and learn with?

We welcome you to explore Druidism with us!

Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, offers plenty of opportunities for curious folks to see what we’re all about.  We strive to offer open social and study gatherings, and celebrate the High Days with open rituals, meaning anyone is welcomed to attend (children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).

Please read on to learn about membership and how to contact us for more information!


Membership is not necessary to attend a ritual or most social gatherings, but membership has benefits for those who feel called to Druidism.  At this time, we have two categories of membership within the protogrove – Acolyte Member and Full Member (Folk of the Protogrove). These categories may change in the future as our grove matures. More information will be available in our  bylaws.

  • Full Member/ Folk of the Grove – Full Members (also called “Folk of the Grove”) are dues-paying members of both ADF and Northern Rivers.   Folk are those who demonstrate dedication to the group and the ADF Druidic tradition.  They collaborate to organize and run all events.  They may represent Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, by leading rituals and workshops pertaining to the grove and ADF tradition.  Only Full Members may hold leadership positions and vote on group policies.  Full Members may also vote in the ADF election.To become a Full Member, individuals must continue to show a positive interest in Northern Rivers, already be an acolyte member, affiliate themselves with Northern Rivers Grove on the official ADF membership roster, attend three business meetings, three rituals, and at least one other open gathering within a year from becoming a Member.  Prospective Full Members should make a formal request at a business meeting during the “New Business” portion.  Current Full Members will discuss and vote privately, then announce their decision at the next business meeting.  Current Full Members must vote in approval, and the individual must go through an initiation ceremony (organized once per year during the spring or summer months).
  • Acolyte Members – Acolyte Members of the Grove are dues-paying members who regularly attend Northern Rivers events, would like to contribute, and desire to learn more.   Members at this level do not need to be members of ADF.  They may not vote in ADF elections, or on official Protogrove business, but they are encouraged to contribute ideas, assist, and offer insight.  Acolyte Members may assist with ritual parts or present workshops that represent Northern Rivers Grove events at the discretion of the Full Members, but they may not lead such events.To become  an Accolyte Member, individuals must attend six Northern Rivers events within a six month period. At least three must be rituals.  Individuals must also demonstrate a positive interest in the group and Druidism in general, and formally request membership at a business meeting and complete a membership application.  The application will state that the prospective member understands these bylaws and our mission.  The prospective member will meet with at least two current Full Members to discuss this understanding.  Full Members will vote, and a decision will be announced at the next business meeting.


Starting on Imbolc 2014, Acolytes and Full Members must pay $5 each year in dues.  This money goes towards renting the space at the Kripalu Yoga Center and ritual supplies.  Details on how we use this money are discussed at quarterly business meetings, and made public via the website.  There will be more information about dues in our bylaws.


Members or visitors may be expelled due to poor behavior.  Such behavior can include (but is not limited to) discriminatory behavior towards members or visitors, physical or sexual harassment of members or visitors, vandalism of grove property or the Kripalu Wellness Center, use of illegal substances at group functions, or disrespectful language or actions towards Druidism.  Members may also be expelled for repeated refusals to help plan, set up, or clean up after rituals.

In addition, people who exhibit such characteristics may be banned from the Facebook group and blocked from commenting on our website.

As always, we ask that anyone coming to our meetings, social gatherings, workshops, and rituals have an open mind and respectful attitude.  There is room for polite disagreements and adult debate – it’s quite common among Druids!  Nasty arguments and fistfights are not, however, welcomed.

For more information about behavior expectations, please review our policy on having children at our events.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page!  If you are still interested and want more information, please feel free to contact the Senior Druid, Grey Catsidhe, through the form below.


4 thoughts on “How to Join

    • Hi there! Are you from the area? I encourage you to follow us on FB and keep abreast of our public gatherings. Lughnasadh is our next holiday, and we’re actually joining with Muin Mound Grove in Syracuse for that, but for the most part, we meet in Adams, NY at the Yoga Center, or Watertown for casual chats/workshops. We’ll also be at the upcoming FAE Fest in Watertown next month. In the meantime, I suggest reading more about our tradition of Druidism through Before people officially join, we ask that guests come to a few events to see if it’s a good fit.

      Feel free to ask any other questions!

      Grey Catsidhe

        • Hi John,

          No worries! Our next event is to celebrate the Autumn Equinox. We’re doing it late this year – the 30th of September – because of other festivals that month. Check out our posts and events on our FB group if you can!

          If you don’t use FB, we update our events page here too. Our rituals are open and we aim to be family-friendly. We have potlucks after our rituals. The Yoga Center has a fridge to keep things cool, and a stove if you need to warm something up. Plenty of plugs for crockpots too.

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