Here is a list of our members.  Full Members / the Folk of the Grove organize and run all Northern Rivers rituals and workshops. We are the heart of Northern Rivers – a spiritual family.  Full Members must be current dues-paying members of both Northern Rivers and ADF (  Some of our initiated Folk have moved on to other things, but we list them here as they are part of our history.  The grove would not exist without their support and effort.  We have marked active Folk with an asterisks.

Full Members (Folk) of the Grove (and initiation year)

  • Grey Catsidhe (Senior Druid) -2013*
  • Weretoad (Treasurer)- 2013*
  • Tara Loughborough – 2013
  • John – 2013
  • Cassandra (Secretary) – 2013*
  • Andrew – 2013*
  • Holda – 2014*
  • Tlaltecuhtli – 2015

Acolyte Members are individuals who find value in Northern Rivers Grove, want to contribute and learn more, but have either not yet assisted with enough group events, aren’t currently dues-paying ADF members, or simply do not wish to become Full Members.  Acolyte Members may help perform ritual parts, set up, clean up, and facilitate other group activities at the discretion of Full Members as they work towards Full Member status.  Acolyte Members must be current dues-paying members of Northern Rivers Grove.

Acolyte Members of the Protogrove

  • April
  • Annette
  • Daniel
  • Heidi
  • Michelle
  • Cori

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