Upcoming Events

Here you’ll find information about upcoming events hosted by Northern Rivers Protogrove.   If you’ve never been, you may want to look at our FAQ.   For past business meeting minutes and reflections on past events, please visit the archives.

For more information on the Wheel of the Year, see the Druid Almanac.

If you’re thinking of bringing children, please review our policy on including kids at our events.


Families always enjoy our annual Maypole dance at Bealtaine. Photo by Daniel, 2013.

Our next event is Bealtaine – Saturday, May 7th 2016 @ 3:00 pm (Come at 1 to celebrate World Labyrinth Day.  We will join with our hosts, the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center, for their special event!)

Join Northern Rivers Protogrove as we celebrate Bealtaine

*** Workshop***

Come and dance our Maypole, sending fertility and joy into the land! No experience necessary – we will show you how it works.  If you don’t want to dance, you are welcomed to bring a drum and accompany the dancers.

*** Potluck Feast ***
Our feast will start at 4. Please bring a dish to pass for our potluck as well as your own plate, cup, and cutlery.  Please see the potluck thread on our FB event page to help us plan a varied, balanced meal.
*** Ritual ***
To start around 5:30. The deity of the occasion will be the Goddess Áirmid. We will give thanks for the returning green and pray that she blesses us, our gardens, and the plantlife around us. Our magical working will be the traditional jumping of the fire. Those who feel confident with their abilities may jump the bonfire for luck and purification. Those unable or unwilling to jump the bonfire may jump, step over, or wheel over a small candle in a lantern for the same reason.

*** What to Bring ***

– An open heart/mind

– A potluck dish to pass as well as your own place settings ( emphasis on reusable so as to respect the Earth Mother as much as we can ).

– A small donation towards our rental fee and ritual supplies.

– Biodegradable or burn-safe offerings for your spirit allies.



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