Northern Rivers Grove, ADF


Effective as of December 19, 2015



Article 2. CALENDAR








Article 6. OFFICERS








Article 10. AMENDMENTS






1.1  To serve the spiritual needs of the Northern NY community through public Druidic ritual and religious support of the community in the Druidic way (e.g. blessings, advising, environmental activism, etc).


1.2  Although the hearth culture of focus is Irish Gaelic, Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, is committed to providing an outlet for its members to worship a diversity of Indo-European pantheons in light of Ár nDraíocht Féin’s vision and mission.


1.3 As per Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) governing documents, Northern Rivers Grove shall have the following required duties:

– Hold at least one meeting per month

– Complete at least one community service project per quarter

– Engage in active community outreach to make the general public in the local community aware of Northern Rivers’ presence and open-to-the-public status

– Hold eight High Day rites per year that are open and inclusionary of the public

– File quarterly reports to the Mother Grove of ADF


1.4  As a local congregation of Ár nDraíocht Féin, Inc., Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, shall follow the National Bylaws.


Article 2. CALENDAR


2.1 In the modern Druidic way, we honor the eight High Days (quarter and cross-quarter days) as set up by the Mother Grove, beginning with (in the Celtic tradition) Samhain. The dates of these High Days are set by the Mother Grove in Article 3:2 of the National ADF by-laws dated 3/99 c.e.


2.2 For ceremonial purposes, each High Day may be celebrated upon either the legal date, the astronomical date, or upon a date mutually convenient, within a fortnight, to the participants of the particular celebration involved.


2.3 In addition, Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, may honor traditional ethnic holidays or celestial observations as agreed upon by a vote of its members.




3.1 Full Member/ Folk of the Grove – Full Members (also called “Folk of the Grove”) are dues-paying members of both ADF and Northern Rivers.   Full Members are those who demonstrate dedication to the group and the ADF Druidic tradition.  They collaborate to organize and run all events.  They may represent Northern Rivers Grove by leading rituals and workshops pertaining to the grove and ADF tradition.  Only Full Members may hold leadership positions and vote on grove policies.  Full Members may also vote in the ADF election.

3.1.1 To become a Full Member, individuals must continue to show a positive interest in Northern Rivers, already be an acolyte member, affiliate themselves with Northern Rivers Grove on the ADF membership roster, attend three business meetings, three rituals, and at least one other open gathering within a year from becoming a Member.  Attendance is recorded via a sign-in sheet that is maintained by the Leadership Council.  Prospective Full Members should make a formal request at a business meeting during the “New Business” portion.  Current Full Members will discuss and vote privately, then announce their decision at the next business meeting.  Current Full Members must vote in approval, and the individual must go through an initiation ceremony (organized once per year during the spring or summer months).

3.1.2 Full Members pay $25 yearly for dues towards ritual supplies and space in addition to National ADF dues.

3.2 National Member – A National Member is defined as a person who is a current, dues-paying member of ADF, but is not a dues-paying member of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF. They can participate in ADF elections, but cannot participate in local Grove elections unless they have become a Full Member. They may take ritual parts or lead workshops at grove events at the discretion of Full Members.  They may request membership status if they desire.

3.3 Acolyte Member – Acolyte Members of the Grove are dues-paying members who regularly attend Northern Rivers events, would like to contribute, and desire to learn more.   

3.3.1 Members at this level do not need to be members of ADF.  They may not vote in ADF elections, or on official Grove business, but they are encouraged to contribute ideas, assist, and offer insight.  Acolyte Members may assist with ritual parts or present workshops that represent Northern Rivers Grove events at the discretion of the Full Members, but they may not lead such events.

3.3.2 To become  an Acolyte Member, individuals must attend six Northern Rivers events within a six month period. At least three must be rituals.  Attendance is recorded via a sign-in sheet that is maintained by the Leadership Council. Individuals must also demonstrate a positive interest in the group and Druidism in general, and formally request membership and complete a membership application.  The application will state that the prospective member understands these bylaws and our mission.  The prospective member will meet with at least two current Full Members to discuss this understanding.  Full Members will vote, and a decision will be announced at the next business meeting.  Members pay $25 yearly for dues towards ritual supplies and space.


3.4  Minors – No person under the age of 18 years shall become a Member or Full Member of the Grove without having submitted the “Minor’s Membership Application” that includes a notarized parental signature. In addition, at least one parent or legal guardian of said minor must have a conference with the Leadership Council, and this person must agree to attend events with the minor. Northern Rivers reserves the right to withhold membership from minors at its discretion. Should membership be granted, the minor will be held to the same standards of conduct as all other Grove Members.  Minor members may take small ritual parts at the discretion of the Full Members depending on age appropriateness.

3.5 Guests – Guests are visitors to grove functions.  Guests may or may not be interested in Druidism, ADF, or Paganism in general.  Guests may include former members who have lapsed in dues and attendance requirements.  Guests must adhere to behavior policy, as per Article 3.11, and are not eligible to vote on National or Grove decisions.  Guests may take small ritual roles or other responsibilities as per the discretion of the Full Members.

3.6  Dues

There shall be annual dues for Acolyte Membership and Full Membership in the Grove. These dues shall be payable once annually or through a payment plan approved by the Leadership Council. The amount of these is $25, but this may change at the discretion of the Full Members, determined by a majority vote. Dues are collected and recorded by the Treasurer.


3.6.1  In addition, Full Members are expected to pay ADF dues to maintain voting rights within the Grove.  


3.6.2 In cases of special hardship, annual dues may be paid in three monthly installments but they will be due no later than Imbolc of the following year at the annual meeting.


3.6.3 All dues are non-refundable.


3.6.4 Donations do not count towards dues.  Donations are given anonymously in a communal container.  As such, they are also non-refundable.


3.7  Revocation of Membership

Any Member may have their membership revoked for actions disruptive to the Grove, as per Article 9.


3.8 Resignation

Any Member may resign their membership at any time. The Member should inform the Senior Druid of their intent to resign, so that their name may be removed from the membership roster and any applicable mailing lists. Membership dues will not be refunded to resigned Members.


3.9  Inactive Members

Members shall be considered inactive if they fail to attend at least three Grove activities in a row without any communication.  Inactive Members who do not remain current with grove dues shall be considered lapsed.  Upon becoming inactive, a member shall lose all voting rights until active status is reinstated.


3.10 Reactivation of Membership

A lapsed Grove Member who has been inactive for less than six months may become active again by attending at least one High Day ritual and one other Grove meeting within one quarter. Members who have been inactive for more than six months must request reactivation by a simple majority vote at a business meeting.  


3.11 Membership Sabbatical

Members may choose to go on sabbatical at any time with prior approval of the Leadership Council. During this time, dues and attendance requirements may be waived. Such sabbaticals may not exceed one year.


3.12 Free Association and Confidentiality


Membership in Northern Rivers Grove is completely voluntary and confidential. No Member’s legal name, address, phone number, or any other identifying or contact information may be released to any person or organization outside the Grove (excepting the ADF national organization or Officers thereof in the course of their official duties) without their express written consent, subpoena by an authorized local, state, or federal court in the course of a criminal investigation or trial notwithstanding. Members of the Grove may belong to any other civic, fraternal/sororal, or religious organization or club that they may wish to join, except as prohibited by ADF’s governing documents.




4.1 The annual meeting of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, shall be held at the Celtic holiday of Imbolc or the closest time to thereof.


4.2 The purpose of the annual meeting shall be the election of officers (the Leadership Council) and the State of the Grove Presentation by the current officers. The election of officers shall be determined as in Article 5 of these bylaws. The yearly State of the Grove address will contain a summary of activities relevant to each officer’s position, followed by a discussion or critique of the State of the Grove.




5.1 Any Full Member of Northern Rivers Grove may be nominated for election as an officer of Northern Rivers Grove by any member of Northern Rivers Grove.  All candidates for Grove office shall be at least 18 years of age.


5.2 Election Timeline

5.2.1 A call for nominations shall be posted by email or by surface mail at least two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting at Imbolc.


5.2.2 All nominations must be received by the scribe at least one week prior to the Annual Meeting.


5.2.3 If there is not a clear consensus of the membership, election shall be by the majority of a written ballot.


5.2.4 Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting at Imbolc by casting a written ballot; except in the case of non-elected officers (to be described in Article 6 of these by-laws).


5.3 Office of newly elected officers shall begin at Spring Equinox with an oath-taking rite.


5.4 Special elections may be held to add additional elected officers or to replace members of the elected officers in the case of a mid-term vacancy, or a newly created office.


5.5 Non-Elected Officers (as stated in Article 7 of these by-laws) shall be appointed by the Senior Druid.


Article 6. OFFICERS (In Hierarchical Order)

6.1 Leadership Council – Elections for officers of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF will be held annually, as described in Article 6 of these by-laws. The Leadership Council will consist of both elected and non-elected officers.


6.2 It is possible that in the vacancy of an office, an officer may temporarily hold more than one office.


6.3 Elected Officers


6.3.1  Senior Druid – Administrative and spiritual leader; calls meetings; sets agendas, and provides leadership for the grove. The Senior Druid will be a member of all committees as desired; shall appoint replacements in the event of a vacant office; will set the liturgical calendar for grove; and shall be responsible for keeping Grove unity. The Senior Druid will handle Grove advertising and literature, or delegate and supervise these items. The Senior Druid is responsible for compiling a quarterly report on the state of the Grove to be sent to the Archdruid and the National Scribe, and is responsible for reviewing all other officer quarterly reports. The Senior Druid is responsible for public relations or the delegation of public relation tasks, as needed. The Senior Druid will also fulfill all obligations as later stated in these bylaws.  Must have excellent English communication skills and e-mail access.


6.3.2 Scribe – The scribe shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings & committees (to be submitted by the committee head) of the Grove; shall send proxy and absentee statements and/or ballots to all voting members, and shall be responsible for collecting all proxies and absentees; shall organize all incoming correspondences for reply, and the reply thereof as mentioned in these by-laws; and may perform other duties that would otherwise be performed by a corporate secretary. Candidates for the office of the Scribe shall demonstrate excellent English communication skills, have the ability to take minutes, have typing skills, and access to e-mail. All written correspondences shall be brought to the attention of the Grove at business meetings. Officers will make the scribe aware of correspondences in Grove functions. The scribe is responsible for compiling a quarterly report of rituals and minutes to be sent to the Mother Grove after review by the Senior Druid.


6.3.3 Treasurer – The treasurer shall sign all checks, drafts, and other instruments for the Grove; shall have custody of all moneys of the Grove.  Shall be responsible for collecting and recording Grove dues. Shall be responsible for keeping the grove’s financial records according to generally accepted accounting principles for nonprofit organizations; shall be responsible for the organization of fundraising or delegate and supervise fundraising. The treasurer is responsible for compiling a quarterly report of financial records and fund raising to be sent to the Mother Grove after review by the Senior Druid. This position is also required to compile an annual report (see also Article 8).  Must demonstrate excellent math and bookkeeping skills, and must have access to e-mail.  Access to, and knowledge of, bookkeeping software is a plus.


6.4  Non-Elected officers *


6.4.1 Non-elected officers are the spiritual organizers of the Grove, appointed as needed.  They are appointed by the Senior Druid according to knowledge and experience. Preference will be given to members trained in the ADF tradition. Along with the Senior Druid, they function as the source of guidance and oversee the creation of the Grove’s public rituals.  Shall collaborate with the Senior Druid or other ritual leader to organize specific aspects of High Days.   Shall actively train/seek to train an apprentice for his/her replacement/absence.   Each Non-Elected officer is required to provide at least one workshop per year related to their area of expertise.  These individual office terms may last until the office is vacated, as stated in Article 12 of these by-laws.


6.4.2  Vice Senior Druid – An optional position selected as needed.  Shall be chosen to compliment the interests and abilities of the Senior Druid and shall perform duties to assist the Senior Druid in providing spiritual and/or administrative leadership to the Grove. The Vice Senior Druid will assume the position of Senior Druid should the position become vacant. The Vice Senior Druid must meet the requirements of an elected officer as stated in these bylaws. S/he will be appointed by the Senior Druid and ratified by a majority vote of the Full Grove Members at the annual meeting or by a special meeting or referendum.


6.4.3 Grove Liturgist – Co-ordinates the development of existing and new rituals, rites of passage, handfastings, requiems, and other ceremonial proceedings within the parameters of ADF’s history, policies, polytheology, etc.; shall serve as a resource for other Grove members seeking liturgical information; shall assist the Senior Druid in construction of a liturgical calendar. Must have a thorough understanding and practice in liturgical design; must have demonstrated competency in language skills – excellent English and familiarity in one liturgical language of a pantheon including their myths and lore, and relative acquaintance with the myths and lore of other pantheons.  Preferably someone who has completed advanced ADF studies in liturgy.


6.4.4  Grove Bard – Responsible for coordinating all musical/poetic/theatrical elements of ritual including: chants, praise offerings, movements, etc.; Should be able to provide original music and/or poetry her/himself; Should be familiar with musical styles of different cultures and how they could be applied within ritual; Is responsible to keep traditional lore and music and apply it in creating modern myth for ritual, entertainment and general history purposes.  Preferably someone who has completed advanced ADF studies in bardic arts.


6.4.5 Grove Seer – Responsible for coordinating / executing divinations at rituals, for counseling, advice for Grove matters/decisions; Must be highly skilled in the divining arts; Must have thorough knowledge and practice of at least one set, established/recognized system of divination. Should be familiar with other systems and methods of divination from different cultures; will serve as a resource for Grove members on information involving divination. The Grove seer shall also be responsible for keeping a Grove Book of Omens.  Preferably someone who has completed advanced ADF studies in divination.


6.4.6 Grove Herbalist – Responsible for herbs and/or incense needed for rituals; must be skilled in all aspects of herbalism; will serve as a resource for Grove members seeking information on herbalism.  Preferably someone who has completed advanced herbal or botany courses in ADF and/or another institution.


6.4.7  Grove Ecologist – Responsible for raising the environmental awareness of the members of the Grove; shall act as a liaison between the Grove and local environmental groups; will serve as a resource for Grove members on information involving the ecology and the local watershed.  Preferably someone who has completed advanced ADF courses in Nature Awareness and/or ecology in another institution.


6.4.8  Grove Sacrificer – Responsible for offering sacrifices during rituals.  Must have a good working knowledge of the Core Order of Liturgy, understand the nature and purpose of sacrifices and offerings,  and know what sacrifices are required for all sections.  Preferably someone who has completed advanced ADF courses in liturgy.


6.4.9 Grove Warrior – Shall be responsible for Grove safety at all functions; shall demonstrate positive role of warrior; shall organize activities to train others in warrior disciplines; shall keep the peace with the Outsiders during ritual, or appoint another to do so in his or her absence.  As is traditional in our Grove, this position is first offered to the individuals who won competitions in our annual Lughnasadh Games.


6.4.10  Webmaster – Responsible for collaborating with the Senior Druid and Secretary to update and maintain the Grove website.  This individual must have a knowledge of computers, basic html coding, familiarity with blogging platforms, especially WordPress.  Must also have excellent English language and typing skills.  


* Other positions to be added later as needed.




All members of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, and ADF national are entitled to see the accounting records. The treasurer is responsible for keeping these records accurate and available. Profit and Loss Statements and other similar records shall be regularly available. An Annual Report must be compiled at the end of every year, as well as quarterly reports that must be sent to the National Treasurer.




8.1 Membership and rank in Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, and attendance at public or semi-public Grove activities, shall not be denied to any person on the basis of race, ancestry, color, physical disability (except as mentioned elsewhere in this article), age, gender, or affectional orientation, but may be denied to individuals practicing creeds inimical to Neopagan Druidism (see Article 8.3).


8.2 Membership within Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, positions of office and clergy, and other such positions of responsibility and trust as the Grove may determine, shall be granted only to practicing Neopagans who are not simultaneously practicing a creed inimical to Neopagan Druidism.


8.3 As used herein, “inimical creeds” shall include varieties of conservative monotheism, antagonistic atheism, demonism, racialism, or other such faiths, as determined by the Mother Grove.


8.4 Proven communication of behavior of a virulently racist, sexist, homophobic, heterophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-Pagan, or otherwise bigoted manner, shall be grounds for expulsion, by recommendation from the Mother Grove, from Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, and subsequently expelled/suspended from ADF national, as described in Article 9 of these bylaws. This does not include strong/critical verbal statements about the theology, history, or psychological characteristics of other religions.


8.5 All organizers of Grove activities shall make strenuous efforts to facilitate the participation of differently-abled individuals. Nonetheless, all aspirants to any given rank or position must be able to meet all the relevant qualifications previously determined for said rank or position, unless the Leadership Council shall rule in a particular instance.





9.1 Grounds for suspension or expulsion are as follows:


9.1.1 When a member has confessed or been found guilty of committing felony crimes-with-victims, as defined by civil law and current criminal opinion.


9.1.2 When the Leadership Council has been presented with documented evidence of disruptive or abusive conduct, which works directly against the aims, activities, or welfare of the Grove or its members.


9.1.3 “Disruptive or abusive conduct” may include: the spreading of slander or libel against Northern Rivers Grove, ADF; ADF or its leadership; bigoted communication or behavior as described elsewhere in these bylaws; repeated harassment or threats against Members or guests; vandalism against Northern Rivers property or ritual sites; bringing and/or using illegal substances or weapons to public events; endangering a minor at Northern Rivers events; or active efforts to persuade members to quit or dissuade non-members from joining.


9.1.4 “Disruptive or abusive conduct” does not include: the temperate expression of disagreement, such as public or private written or verbal criticism of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, ADF or its leadership; vigorous debate over matters of scholarship, art, spirituality, or politics; the circulation of petitions to the Leadership Council; the organizing of other members into voting blocks; nor mere rudeness, thoughtlessness, or mere lack of social skills.  However, in the case of the later, the Senior Druid or Secretary will issue a verbal and/or written warning.  The Members’ Advocate may be called upon in cases related to interpersonal conflicts between ADF members.


9.1.5 Organisers of public and private Northern Rivers Grove activities have the right to ask an individual to leave if, at the organiser’s sole discretion, that individual is deemed to be acting in an inappropriate manner.  Also, anyone deemed or perceived to be a threat to the Grove, any Member of the Grove, or a Guest at a Grove event may be asked to leave any Grove event.


9.2  If a member under consideration for suspension or expulsion is an officer, he/she may be suspended or expelled only by a two-thirds vote of the remaining Officers, and only after review by the Mother Grove or the Archdruid.  Members under consideration of suspension or expulsion must receive written notification 30 days prior to that vote.


9.3 Members may resign from membership at any time for personal reasons, and will be eligible to rejoin Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, at a later date. Any member who abstains from contact with the Grove for a period of three months or more past membership renewal date, without prior notification of the Senior Druid, shall be deemed to have resigned and will no longer receive Grove literature.


9.4 Resignation and Suspension of Officers    

9.4.1  The Senior Druid, who for personal or other reasons must resign from office, MUST submit in writing, a formal resignation from his/her position to the Archdruid and to ALL Grove Officers. Upon such resignation, the Leadership Council shall appoint a replacement from among them until formal elections can be held. The new Senior Druid is responsible for notifying the Archdruid and the Mother Grove of his/her presence.


9.4.2  Any officer, who is deemed to be not fulfilling the requirements as stated in Article 7 of these bylaws, shall be formally notified by the remaining officers and, if efforts are not taken to continue the function of said office, then the Grove voting membership shall, by a two-thirds vote and after a review by the Mother Grove or the Archdruid, shall relieve said officer of their office and the Senior Druid shall appoint a replacement for that office. If there is no suitable replacement for a resigned office, the Senior Druid will assume responsibility of fulfilling that office and its functions until the next election.


9.4.3 If any officer, for personal or other reasons, believes that they must resign from the office, a letter must be sent to the Senior Druid, and the Senior Druid shall appoint a replacement for that office. If there is no suitable replacement for a resigned office, the Senior Druid will assume responsibility of fulfilling that office and its functions.


9.4.4 In the resignation of a Non-Elected Officer, he/she may appoint a suitable replacement for the vacancy. If no recommended replacement can be found, the Senior Druid will be responsible for the function of that office until the next election.  




9.5 Suspended or expelled members may not hold office or act in any way as representatives of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, and have no right to receive any publications, and may not continue to participate in Druidic study programs by Northern Rivers Grove, ADF. Impeached officers may remain as regular members, but may not run for any office unless the Leadership Council deems otherwise.  


9.6 Members who have been suspended or expelled will, as stated in the National Bylaws, be banned permanently or temporarily from attending Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, activities, including public worship. Such bans may be announced in Grove or national publications.


9.7 In the case of a person who was declared temporarily or permanently incapacitated at the time of his/her resignation or removal from a position of responsibility, the Leadership Council shall require a re-evaluation of her/his competency similar to the process which has declared incapacity, before he/she may seek election or appointment.



9.8 The Leadership Council, which consists of the Senior Druid, scribe, and treasurer, will maintain a booklet containing the membership code of conduct and criteria for reprimanding, suspending, and/or expelling people from Grove functions and handling complaints raised against attendees, members or other participants in Grove functions. Changes to the booklet can be made at any annual or special meeting or referendum by a 2/3 vote of Full Grove Members. Any decision of the Council to take action against a person must be approved by the Mother Grove before those actions are taken.


9.9 Suspensions shall be for a period of a year and a day, unless otherwise specified by the Leadership Council.  


9.10 Full Members who are suspended or expelled from ADF shall show cause why they may be allowed to remain Acolyte Members of Northern Rivers Grove.  Members who have been banned temporarily or permanently from attending ADF activities, by the ADF Mother Grove in accordance with the ADF bylaws, shall not be permitted to remain Members or to attend Grove rituals.  Such bans may be announced in ADF publications.


9.11  Northern Rivers Grove, ADF, exists to provide for the spiritual needs of individuals and families.  As such, the needs of children and adults in attendance are considered.  Children of Full Members, Acolyte Members, National ADF members, and guests are expected to behave respectfully during rituals, potlucks, workshops, and all other grove functions so all may have a positive experience.  Parents or guardians are responsible for their own children.  Any children who are excessively loud or rough with individuals, pets, or private property, will be warned.  The Senior Druid has the right to ask parents to leave or go to a different location with their children if they are deemed too disruptive for Grove functions.  The Senior Druid has the right to ask parents to leave perpetually disruptive children at home or with a babysitter for future Grove functions if adults desire to continue attending future gatherings.


9.12 Suspended or expelled Members shall not be entitled to a refund of their Grove dues.  


Article 10. AMENDMENTS


10.1 Amendments to these bylaws may be made at any annual or special meeting or referendum, by a two-thirds vote of the Full Grove members. Amendments shall be incorporated into the bylaws at the Annual Meeting and revised copies of the bylaws shall be sent to all Grove members and the Mother Grove.


10.2 Every nine years, at the Annual Meeting, the voting members of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF shall decide by a two-thirds vote whether to retain the current set of bylaws. Said decisions shall be made after all other electoral matters have been settled. Should the results be negative, a Bylaws Revision Committee shall be formed. The members of said committee shall include the Leadership Council and 3 representatives elected from the Grove membership.


10.3 The Bylaws Revision Committee shall have 3 months to produce a proposed new set of bylaws, during which time, the old bylaws will be in effect. Halfway through the time specified, an early draft shall be presented at a Bylaw Revision Referendum to the Full Grove members for written comments.


10.4 At the end of the time specified, at a Bylaws Revision Meeting, the final set of proposed new bylaws shall be voted upon as a whole, with a two-thirds vote of the entire Northern Rivers Grove, ADF voting membership necessary for passage. The quorum for this vote shall be 60% of votes available to be cast. Should a quorum not be available, the voting shall take place at the first available quorum under the same governing rules stated previously.


10.5 Should no revision be necessary or no agreement upon decision be reached the old bylaws shall continue in effect for the next nine years.


10.6 Upon the passing of the new bylaws, they will be dated as such and all functions will come into effect, completely replacing the old set of bylaws, at Imbolc following the passing of the new bylaws. It shall be the duty of the existing Leadership Council to notify all appropriate authorities and to arrange any required elections for new officers, etc., in keeping with the spirit as well as the letter of the new bylaws.


10.7 All new sets of bylaws must contain an article equivalent to this one, allowing for their complete replacement every nine years at the will of the membership.


Article 11: Non-Profit Nature of the Grove


11.1 No part of the net earnings of the Grove shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to, its members, directors, officers, or other private persons, except that the Grove shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article I of these by-laws.


11.2  No substantial part of the activities of the Grove shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation, and the Grove shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.


11.3 Notwithstanding any other provisions of these bylaws, this Grove shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the purposes of this Grove.


11.4 Upon the dissolution of this Grove, all assets shall be given to the General Fund of the National Organization to be used as it sees fit.