Rituals and Omens

Below, you will find reflections and omens for many of our past rituals.  There is information on the Kindred or Deity of each occasion, magical workings performed, and omens.

At our rituals, a seer draws an omen to learn what insight, lessons, or warnings the Kindreds have for us with regards to the upcoming season.  Whether we are using cards, ogham, or another form of divination, we pull three symbols – one for each of the Three Kindreds: Nature Spirits, Ancestors, and Gods and Goddess.  Interpretation is up to the seer, and the omens should be read with regards to the beings honored at the rite, the High Day, and the group as a whole.  Occasionally, other participants may offer additional interpretations or suggestions after the rite, but the seer, who puts him or herself in a special mindset during ritual to receive the message of the Kindreds, has the final word.

This page is meant to record our history and to help Northern Rivers Protogrove members who are working through their Dedicant Path since part of the requirement is to record these ritual details in their own reflections.






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