Business Meeting Minutes – June 9, 2019

Meeting opened at 6:08 PM.

Held on Discord.

Present – Grey Catsidhe, Heidi, Nicole, Cori, Michelle, Laura, and Gale.

Minutes recorded by Grey as our secretary had a prior obligation.

Old Business:

  1. Treasurer Update. Ron was unable to attend, so Grey reiterated what was discussed at our informal Bealtaine meeting. ADF members may read the summary on our quarterly report here. Grove members may also view the newly created spreadsheet with finances to assist with catching such errors and promoting transparency. (Members should have received an invite in their email. Please contact the treasurer if you did not get one.) The grove officers will work to set aside time at each High Day to count donations and total cash on hand. We will get a receipt booklet and paper ledger to help keep track of dues and large donations. Grey will submit paperwork for FEIN number by our July meeting in an effort to truly work toward getting our bank account to avoid future mix ups.
  2. Folk of the Grove discussion – This will occur on Aug 17th for current Folk and those seeking initiation. Michelle and Heidi are committed (pending updated ADF membership). Grey will talk with other Folk for answers to Heidi’s question. Finalize at July meeting.


New Business:

  1. Summer Solstice will take place 6/22/19 at the KYC. Our focus will be honoring Manannán mac Lir and paying the annual rent of yellow flowers. Our magical working will be to spread protective energy around our community during the Pride Event and throughout the year. We decided that we would meet later in the day to give those interested time to celebrate at Watertown’s first Pride event. Several members also have other obligations and would be late. We have decided to gather at 5, with pre-ritual briefing to start at 5:30. Ritual will follow after.

    Ritual parts are as follows:

    • Outsiders – Cori
    • Earth Mother – Michelle
    • Bardic Spirit – Cori
    • Honor the Hearth Spirit and recreate the cosmos: Grey
    • Nature Spirits – Laura
    • Ancestors – Heidi
    • Shining Ones – Grey?
    • Manannán mac Lir – will ask Cassandra first
    • Seer – Grey
  2. Lughnasadh – We had a brief discussion on this High Day. Due to the fact that we don’t have as much as we thought in our account, our work to lower dues, and our not really taking in many donations (most is given back to the Yoga Center right away), those present decided it wouldn’t be financially responsible to rent a pavilion at a state park. We decided to keep it simple and hold the event at the KYC (Steve already approved).
  3. Our next business meeting is scheduled for July 14th. We will have a French-themed lunch picnic to honor Bastille Day. Location to be determined. Those present talked about an informal beach day. Our focus will be finalizing Folk of the Grove plans, Lughnasadh, and look at proposed Bylaw language (possibly vote).

Meeting closed at 7:06

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