March 2018 Business Meeting Minutes


This meeting was held at the Lotus restaurant in Watertown, and was recorded by the secretary, Cassandra.

Held on: 3/3/18
Meeting opened at 7:27 pm

Present: Grey Catsidhe, Ron, Cassandra, Andrew, Heidi, Cori, Michele (and Gale via speaker phone.)

New Business

  • Annual Meeting – Northern Rivers reviewed the state of the Grove, officers reflected on the last year and shared their experiences, and officers were elected.
    • Grey felt it had been difficult for the grove to lose three members, but we transitioned well, and everyone came together and supported each other. The challenges she personally faced helped inspire her and taught her to seize the day, which is something she is embracing in her spiritual life. As a grove, she stated that we needed to shed what we didn’t need, say no to stressful things, and move forward together.
    • Ron stated that he would like the grove to open our bank account and get that finalized. He suggested doing it during the summer, as all three officers will need to be there to sign the paperwork together.
    • Cassandra felt that the grove had become a strong, loving family that was always ready to support each other.
    • Cori would like to incorporate more art and music into the grove, including writing our own chants. She believes music is very powerful, and it will strengthen the grove as a whole.
    • Grey would like to incorporate more creative and homemade things into the Grove. This would encourage everyone to embrace their inner artist.
    • Heidi appreciates how the Grove continues to keep Daniel’s spirit alive and still embraces him as a member.

  • Quarterly Report – After Samhain, Northern Rivers Grove had $651.27. As for the quarter, the grove has $681.27.

  • FAE FEST – The Grove discussed continuing with FAE fest for this upcoming year. After a long discussion and personal explanations, it was decided that the Grove would step back for a year, and not attend the upcoming festival as a Grove.
  • Nominations –
    Senior Druid: Grey & Ron
    Secretary: Cassandra
    Treasurer: Ron

    • After voting, Grey was elected as Senior Druid, Cassandra as Secretary, and Ron as Treasurer.

  • Dues – Cassandra, Andrew, Heidi, Grey and Ron all paid dues during this meeting.

  • Spring Equinox Rite – This will be held on March 24th at the Yoga Center. As per tradition, the grove will once again drum awake the nature spirits. We will also bless seeds, as well as hold an egg hunt for the children.

The Deity of the Occasion will be the “flower-faced goddess” – Airmid

    • Ritual Parts:

– Ritual leader: Grey
– Outsiders: Andrew
– Earth Mother: Cassandra
– Bardic: Cori
– Gatekeeper: Grey
– Two Powers: Grey
– Nature Spirits: Heidi
– Ancestors: Michelle
– Gods and Goddesses: Grey
– Deity of the Occasion: Grey
– Seer: Gale

  • Getting a Maypole – The Grove will hold a members-only event at Cassandra & Andrew’s house, where the grove will decorate the maypole together.
    • A date and time will be decided upon soon.

Closed at 8:32pm


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