April 2018 Business Meeting Minutes


This meeting was held at Cassandra & Andrew’s house, and was recorded by the secretary, Cassandra.

Held on: 4/21/18
Meeting opened at 3:44 pm

Present: Cassandra, Grey Catsidhe, Ron, Heidi and Gale.

New Business

  • Treasurer Report – There have been no recent changes in the treasury report. The treasurer will give an updated report after Bealtaine.  

  • Bealtaine Ritual – Northern Rivers will celebrate Bealtaine on May 5th.
    • The yoga center will be hosting a Labyrinth walk on the same day. Everyone is welcome to attend. The walk begins at 1pm.
    • This year, we want to infuse more creativity into the Bealtaine ritual, which is appropriate for this high day. During this time of year, nature is being reborn and created, the Earth Mother is waking up, and there is an abundance of fertility in the land, our hearts and our minds.
    • The Deity of the Occasion will be An Dagda.
    • Ritual Parts:

– Ritual leader: Grey
– Outsiders: Andrew
– Earth Mother: Cassandra
– Bardic: Cori
– Gatekeeper: Grey
– Two Powers: Grey
– Nature Spirits: Heidi
– Ancestors: ?
– Call to Daniel: Heidi & Eve
– Gods and Goddesses: ?
– Deity of the Occasion: Grey
– Seer: Gale

    • Magical Workings – As is tradition, the magical working will consist of jumping the fire. However, this year, as we jump, we will focus on inspiration and creativity within ourselves.
    • The Grove will also honor Daniel’s birthday by passing around a smoky quartz crystal and putting our energy, birthday wishes and love into it. The crystal will be presented to Daniel in the Dragon Garden as a birthday present.
  • Workshop – The workshop will be dancing the Maypole.
  • Hospitality Role – Someone will be responsible for welcoming new people, showing them where to sign in and put their stuff, and answering their questions.

  • Kid’s Activity – Cassandra will put together a kid’s activity. Suggestions include making wands out of popsicle sticks.

  • Steve would like help setting up the Tipi – Members suggested helping put it up before the Bealtaine Ritual.

  • Summer Solstice Brainstorming –
    • Members would like to rent the pavilion again at Grass Point Park.
    • The date will be June 23rd.
    • Cassandra may lead this rite.

  • Member Activities – During the upcoming summer season, members would like to have a:
    • Nature Walk
    • Annual members-only bonfire


Closed at 4:45pm


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