June 2017 Business Meeting Minutes


This meeting was held online via Google Hangouts, and recorded by the scribe, Cassandra.

Held on: 6/3/17
Meeting opened at 7:08 pm

Present: Cassandra, Grey Catsidhe, Cori, Michele, Heidi, Gale, Katrina, Nicole & Holda

New Business

  • Summer Solstice Ritual – Northern Rivers will celebrate Summer Solstice on June 24th at the Yoga Center. The Deity of the occasion will be Manannan Mac Lir. We will pay “rent” to Manannan, as well as present him with a wreath of yellow flowers.

Ritual parts are as follows:
– Ritual leader: Grey
– Outsiders:  Cassandra
– Earth Mother: Michele
– Bardic: Cori
– Gatekeeper (Brighid): Grey
– Two Powers: Grey
– Nature Spirits: Heidi and Eve
– Ancestors: Cassandra
– Gods and Goddesses: Andrew
– Deity of the Occasion (Manannan): Grey
– Seer: Grey

    • Magical Workings –
        • Cori will be making a wreath out of grape vine and marigolds. During the rite, everyone will have the opportunity to place a yellow flower in the wreath. It will then be presented to Manannan as “rent.”
        • Cassandra’s Dedicant Oath  
    • Workshop –
      • Cori suggested having a plant exchange. There is a lot of lore on herbs and plants during this time of year, so it seems appropriate to exchange plants at Summer Solstice.
      • If anyone would like, they can place plants, stone, etc. in Daniel’s Dragon Garden.
    • Community Service Project – The Grove will still be collecting donations for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Summer Solstice.

  • Beach Clean Up – Cori suggested having the Grove clean up a local beach. With all the high water, there is a lot of debris on the shore that could be picked up. Grey felt this could be an extension on paying rent to Manannan. The Grove will look at dates in July for this activity.


  • Lughnasadh – Northern Rivers will celebrate Lughnasadh with Muin Mound this year.   

  • Members Only Bonfire – The Grove would like to once again have a members only bonfire at one of our houses this summer. We will discuss this further at Summer Solstice.


  • Treasurer’s Report – Nicole paying her dues for the year is the only new update on the treasury report.

  • FAE Fest – Northern Rivers is interested in leading a short opening ceremony at FAE fest this year, in which we would sing the ‘Portal Song.’ There are a few new workshops this year, including a vortex and wand-making workshop. Northern Rivers will continue to work on and organize our parts in the festival.

Closed at 7:33 pm


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