January 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

This meeting was held at the Lyric Café in Clayton, and recorded by the scribe, Cassandra.

Held on: 1/14/17
Meeting opened at 4:03 pm

Present: Cassandra, Andrew, Grey Catsidhe, Ron, Michelle.

Old Business

  • In December, two members officially left the Grove.


  • Treasurer’s Report – There have been no new changes or updates with the treasury report since the last business meeting.


  • Winter Solstice – Concerns over the weather led Northern Rivers to cancel our Winter Solstice Ritual at the Yoga Center. However, using Google Hangouts, a few members and newcomers gathered virtually to celebrate the High Day. It was agreed that hosting an online ritual is not the most preferred way to celebrate, yet it is nice to know it’s an option we can utilize.
  • Book Discussion and Gift Exchange – The discussion of Sacred Gifts, as well as the Solstice gift exchange, have been moved to Imbolc.

Ongoing Business

  • Community Service Project – The Grove previously discussed donating to the Q Center in Syracuse as our next community service project. The Center informed Grey Catsidhe that they are excited by the Grove’s interest. However, they do not have enough room for a large amount of donations. At this time, they are more interested in volunteers and donating time. Also, because of safety reasons, the Center would like to meet with the group in person before volunteers come to the facility.


Working with the Q Center is very important to the Grove, as we want to be considered a safe place for everyone. However, members felt that there would not be enough time to organize volunteers before Imbolc. Therefore, the Q Center will be a future project.

We brainstormed possible community service activities:

    • Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – Members present agreed that donating to the Wildlife Center would be an appropriate project for Imbolc, seeing as Brighid is associated with domesticated animals and healing.
    • Woman’s Shelter – There was also interest in donating to a local woman’s shelter. Cassandra said that she would ask her mother if she had any contacts through her work, who could assist us in working with a shelter. The group would like to donate toiletries, supplies, donations and/or time.
    • Baby Hats – Michelle suggested the group make baby hats for local maternity wards. This is something Northern Rivers will look into for the future.
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Toys For Tots
    • Cleaning up a Cemetery
    • Older Pagans – Grey suggested that the Group look into finding older Pagans who are alone to celebrate the High Days.

New Business

  • New Member Application – The Grove received an application for membership from Michelle. Members present voted on this, and welcomed Michelle as an official member of Northern Rivers Grove.


  • Correspondences – The Grove received cards from Sue Ryn of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, as well as Nicole. Sue updated us on the animals she had helped throughout the year, and Nicole sent a wonderful box of Solstice gifts. The Grove wants to send Nicole a thank you card for her generous gift, and for thinking of us.


  • Newsletter – Grey reintroduced the idea of creating a newsletter that would be shared among the members. It would be a great way to share good news, works of art, altars, spirituality paths, etc. The group would like to distribute the newsletter twice a year.  


  • Workshops – Northern Rivers is interested in offering a number of different workshops this year. Some of the ideas presented are as follows:


    • Representation of the World Tree – Members would work together to create a representation of the World Tree for our rituals. Andrew knows where we can find dry wood to make the tree once spring arrives. He also feels this could be a one day project.  
    • Herbal Workshop – Michelle felt that this is something she would be interested in leading. It would include infusing herbs, teas, etc…
    • Prayer Beads
    • Crane Bags
    • Nature Walks
    • Making Rattles
    • Drumming Circles
    • Cookie Exchange – This would be a fun workshop for Winter Solstice 2017. The group could bring cookies to exchange, or we could decorate cookies as a group and give some as offerings during the rite.


  • Imbolc – Northern Rivers will once again honor Brighid during our Imbolc celebration on February 4th. This year, Grey suggested that we focus on Brighid’s creativity and nurturing characteristics, and the magical tools we use for these aspects. Everyone would be encouraged to bring the tools they use during their own magical workings and devotionals, so that they could soak up the creative energy.   

Ritual parts are as follows:
    – Ritual leader: Grey
    – Outsiders:  Cassandra
    – Earth Mother: Michelle
    – Inspiration: Grey
    – Gatekeeper: Grey
    – Two Powers: Grey
    – Nature Spirits: Michelle
    – Ancestors: ?
    – Gods and Goddesses: ?
    – Deity of the Occasion (Brighid): Cassandra
    – Seer: Grey

    • Magical Workings –

        Cassandra’s Dedicant Oath  

        Blessing Magical Tools
        Dressing Candles


  • Lughnasadh – The Grove will host Lughnasadh around August 1st.  Members need to decide if we want to celebrate at Grasspoint Park once again, or at another beach.


  • FAE Fest – The IV annual FAE Fest will be held in August at Thompson Park. Northern Rivers has once again been asked to lead the main rite. This is something we need to think hard about, and give an answer to the organizers after Imbolc.


  • Future Ideas – Cassandra brought up the idea of performing baby and house sainings for interested individuals around the area. The energy, time and devotion given to these rituals would be a wonderful bonding experience for Members of the Grove.

  • Trance Work – The Grove would love to host a members’ only Trance workshop. The heavy, intense magic associated with this kind of magical working would mean it would have to be adults only.


Closed at 4:04pm


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