November 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

This meeting was held at Panera and recorded by the scribe, Cassandra.

Held on: 11/19/16
Meeting opened at 2:45 pm

Present: Cassandra, Andrew, Grey Catsidhe, Ron, Tara, John, Michelle, Cameron and Adam.

Ongoing Business

  • Social Media – Northern Rivers has been discussing the idea of a private Facebook page for members. The group would still maintain an open page for the public, where dates, times and events would be posted. As a perk of membership, members would have their own page, which would allow for private conversations. These conversations would be easy to access and keep track of in the future. The Grove could then “represent the best of who we are” on the public page.
    Present members were all in favor of this social media change. It was decided that the Grove would wait until the New Year to make a full switch, which would give people time to see what was happening, and be directed to the new Facebook page.  
  • Compassionate MembershipNow that Northern Rivers is officially a Grove, we have been discussing if and how to offer Compassionate Membership. Grey pointed out that many Groves offer it, and handle it by following ADF guidelines. The Folk talked about how we would manage this membership, if there would be a limit on the number of times someone can apply for it, and if we would handle it case by case. We would also need to make sure the potential member is interested in being part of the group, and dedicated to what we do.

    As soon as the Folk figure out how to offer this membership, it will be added to the bylaws as soon as possible, as it is our governing document. Having this in writing is also added protection for the Grove.

  • Samhain Rite Grey asked for feedback on Samhain. It was agreed that it went well. It is always our longest ritual, but there is little we can do to change that, as we always have an emotional magical working that takes time to complete. It was also suggested that we think about having a small snack table before and during the ritual. A lot of people, especially the kids, get hungry and antsy during long rites.
  • Fundraiser Northern Rivers’ quarterly community service project was to collect pictures and materials to send to a correctional facility for Pagan inmates. Tara organized and took the lead for this project. The closing date for submitting material will be Yule. Therefore, if anyone has anything else they would like to give to Tara, they need to get it to her ASAP. As for monetary donations, Tara collected $7.50.  
  • Treasurer Report On October 28, the Grove spent $15 at Michaels on glass markers for our Samhain workshop. At the ritual, we took in $25 and gave it to the Yoga Center. Our current total is now $535.27.
  • Dues – Grey mentioned that member dues are coming up. Members, especially officers, need to make sure their dues are up to date and paid. Now that we are a Grove, we discussed keeping better track of our finances and adhering to the bylaws when it comes to dues.  Northern Rivers’ dues are $25 a year.


New Business

  • Email – After submitting our Grove Report, Northern Rivers received an email from an ADF officer stating that the group handled recent problems very well, and that the Grove was doing a good job overall.
  • Community Service ProjectThe Grove discussed what our next service project will be.  Possible suggestions are:
                – Supporting Standing Rock
                – Donating to a Wildlife Organization
                – Donating to the Q Center in Syracuse
    Most people favored donating to the Q Center, as they support the LBGT community. Grey said she would reach out to a representative to see what the organization needs. It was also suggested that we ask the Yoga Center if they would be interested in the project, so that we could make our contributions bigger.
  • Outside! – The group made a commitment to get outside for more rituals next year. It was also suggested that we take advantage of the fire pit closer to the Yoga Center.
  • Winter Solstice Rite Winter Solstice will be held at the Kripalu Yoga Center on December 17, and will be led by Tara. For the first time, Northern Rivers will host an ADF Norse Rite. Ritual parts are as follows:

        – Ritual leader: Tara
        – Outsiders:  Andrew / Cassandra
        – Earth Mother: Cassandra
        – Bardic: ? (members suggested asking Cori as she enjoys this part)
        – Gatekeeper: Tara
        – Two Powers: Grey
        – Nature Spirits: Heidi
        – Ancestors: Michelle
        – Gods and Goddesses: Cassandra
        – Deity of the Occasion: Tara
        – Seer: Grey

    Part of the magical working will be Cassandra’s Dedicant Oath. Tara is brainstorming what the main magical working will be.

    The Grove will also be doing a gift exchange for anyone who wants to participate. The limit is $10. For the kids, members can bring little goodies,and we will assemble gift bags before the ritual.


  • Magical Item WorkshopWhen rituals are held inside, the group does not have a representation of the Tree that belongs to the Grove as a whole. In the spring, we discussed going for a nature walk to find a piece of fallen wood that we would, together, make into a representation of the tree.


  • Walnut Workshop – In 2017, Tara and John would like to host a walnut workshop at their home. Anyone who would like to come to Canada could collect walnuts for their own recipes, offerings, crafts, etc…  Passport or enhanced license required.


  • Mystery Room – Ron brought up getting together as a group and going to the mystery room at the Mall. It would be a day of fun and bonding.


  • Bank Account – Now that we are a Grove, we need to discuss opening a bank account. Grey is hoping to have it in place by February of 2017.

Closed at 4:04pm


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