October 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

This meeting was held during FAE Fest and recorded by the scribe, Cassandra.

Held on: 10/1/16
Meeting opened at 4:28pm

Present: Cassandra, Grey Catsidhe, Tara, John, Cori, Kim, and Katrina.

New Business

    • Treasurer Report – At Autumn Equinox, Northern Rivers collected $29 in donations, and gave the Yoga Center $30. Grey and Weretoad donated $15 to the group, and then removed it to pay for the Grove’s P.O. Box. Our current total is now $550.27.
    • Facebook Group Issue – Earlier in the week, Northern Rivers experienced a problem with a member of the Facebook group. This person used an aggressive tone and unacceptable language towards other members. When called out on their behavior by one of the moderators, this person used offensive language. This was a breach of Northern River’s hospitality, and was not tolerated.  It was agreed that members handled this situation swiftly and efficiently.
    • FAE Fest – Senior Druid, Grey Catsidhe, expressed her gratitude for everyone’s help at FAE Fest. Without help in managing the information booth, setting up, and donating personal pavilions, Northern Rivers wouldn’t have been able to have another successful year at the festival. Those in attendance felt that there was a nice turn out. They also agreed that October seemed like a better time of year to hold this event.
    • Facebook Group or Facebook Page?  – Now that we are officially a Grove, Northern Rivers has talked about making some changes to how we communicate as a group. Members have discussed the possibility of having a private Facebook group for members only. Northern Rivers would still manage the website, as well as a page for the public. This page would explain who we are, and post upcoming events. The private group would allow members to have better access to, and easier to find, private conversations.
    • Compassionate Membership – Now that Northern Rivers is a Grove, compassionate membership is something to consider. The Folk will take a look at how other Groves handle this, and how to work it into the bylaws. The Grove would need to make sure the potential member is interested in being part of the group, and dedicated to what we do.
    • Samhain Rite – Samhain will be held at the Kripalu Yoga Center on October 29. This rite will be led by Grey.  In keeping Celtic tradition, Northern Rivers will once again honor the Ancestors. For the magical working, we will continue our apple ceremony to honor those we have lost within the past year.

      Ritual parts are as follows:     – Ritual leader: Grey
          – Outsiders:  Cassandra
          – Earth Mother: Tara
          – Bardic: Cori
          – Gatekeeper (Morrigan): Tara
          – Nature Spirits: Cassandra
          – Gods and Goddesses: ?
          – Deity of the Occasion (Ancestors): ?
          – Seer: Grey
    • Samhain Workshop – Cori suggested having a recipe exchange as a workshop. Everyone is encouraged to bring a family (ancestor’s) recipe printed on index cards. We will briefly talk about the recipes as we exchange them. Afterwards, everyone can make/create something meaningful to store them in on their own.


  • Community Service – A reminder to everyone that Tara is leading a community service project in our grove in which she is collecting pictures and bits of writing pertaining to Druidism.  She will send these to a new protogrove in a correctional facility on the west coast (via a member’s mother).  She is also fundraising with some handmade headbands – each is a suggested donation of $2.50.  The money will go towards purchasing a book for the group.

Closed at 5:02pm


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