August 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

This meeting was held via Skype and recorded by the scribe, Cassandra.

Held on: 8/14/16
Meeting opened at 6:42pm

Present: Cassandra, Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Tara, John, Heidi, Daniel, Arielle and Michele

New Business

* Autumn Equinox Rite – Autumn Equinox will be held at the Kripalu Yoga Center on September 10th. This rite will be led by Cassandra. Once again Northern Rivers will give thanks for the harvest season as we honor the Earth Mother. Cassandra would like to try something new for the magical working and will continue brainstorming some ideas.

While discussing ritual parts, Grey explained to new members which parts were open to whom, based on Northern Rivers’ bylaws. The Protogrove encourages participation, and strives to make everyone feel included. Therefore, smaller ritual parts and responsibilities are open to new members.

Ritual parts are as follows:
    Ritual leader: Cassandra
    – Outsiders:  Ron
    – Call to Earth Mother: Cassandra
    Nature Spirits: Tara (and Boober)
    – Ancestors: Michele
    Gods and Goddesses: Grey
    – Deity of the Occasion (Earth Mother): Cassandra
    – Seer: Grey

*Autumn Equinox Workshop – After making an Oath at Lughnasadh, Grey felt it was important for members to have an historical understanding of oaths in our tradition, as well as an understanding of the heavy magic and implications they entail. Therefore, Grey will lead a discussion / workshop on oaths before the Autumn Equinox Rite.

Grey also mentioned having an activity to entertain the kids during the workshop. Suggestions include painting pumpkins and playing ball outside. Members are brainstorming additional ideas.  

*Online Meetings – Northern Rivers normally meets in person for business meetings and workshops. However, occasional virtual chats allow out of state members to feel included. Therefore, the group will look into future usage of Skype and Google Hangouts as a way to include as many members as possible.  Grey will work to schedule well in advance and send information via the e-list to reach members in different time zones.

*FAE Fest – Due to the weather, FAE fest was cancelled and will be rescheduled for sometime in the autumn. The festival organizers are planning the new date, vendors and entertainment, and will update everyone as soon as they can. (As of this posting, the FAE Fest has been rescheduled for October 1st).  

*Faeland Fest – The Faeland festival, hosted by Arielle, will take place August 19-21. A schedule of events has been posted online. 

*Treasurer Report – Northern Rivers withdrew $10 from the account for copies and supplies. That was the only recent transaction.  Weretoad will provide a more detailed report at the next business meeting.

*Future Gathering – Members discussed getting together sometime between Autumn Equinox and Samhain for a business meeting and possible workshop.  

*Pagan Pride Day – Pagan Pride in Liverpool, NY will take place on September 17. Some Northern Rivers’ members have expressed an interest in attending, and possibly meeting up at some point during the day. Grey mentioned that Muin Mound will hold their own Autumn Equinox Rite after PPD at the park. It will be open to anyone who wishes to attend.


New Business

*Grove Charter  – Grey finished and sent in the charter request and materials for Northern Rivers to become an established Grove. For the new members, Grey explained the difference between a Protogrove and a Grove. She also explained the responsibilities of the Senior Druid, Treasurer and Secretary, comparing them to a “board of directors.”


Closed at 7:20pm


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