July 2016 Business Meeting

July 2016 Business Meeting Minutes    

Called to order: 6:29pm on July 22, 2016

Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Bee, Cassandra, Aubrey, Arielle, Kim, Jayden and Brian.


Ongoing Business
* Treasurer Report –
Weretoad updated the group on the current treasury report. On June 16, the Protogrove    paid $15 for the PO Box. At Summer Solstice, the group raised $15 in donations and paid $30 in rent to the Yoga Center. The group also paid $60 to Grasspoint Park to rent a pavilion for Lughnasadh. With these expenses, Northern Rivers currently has $430.27 left in the fund.

*Lughnasadh Rite –
Lughnasadh will be held at Grasspoint Park in Alex Bay on August 6 at 1pm. The Deity of the rite will be Lugh. After a brief discussion, it was decided that the group will open the rite, followed by games and dinner, and then the rite will be closed.

Some of the ritual parts were decided upon at the meeting.
    Earth Mother (with special attention to Lugh’s foster Mother) – Cassandra
    Outsiders – Ron
    Nature Spirits – ?
    Ancestors – ?
    Gods and Goddesses – ?
    Lugh – Grey
    Seer – Grey

Northern Rivers is still brainstorming a few more games and events for the rite. These games will be more modern and practical for a state park, as opposed to more traditional Celtic games. As of now, the games consist of bocce ball, yoga for balance and strength, lawn darts, and a bardic competition. This rite will be very family friendly, especially since it will take place at a beach with a playground.

Grey reminded the group that the park charges $7 to park.

It was also discussed if making corn dolls and/or corn flowers would be a good activity for Lughnasadh.  It is a traditional Lughnasadh craft, as well being kid friendly.


*FAE Fest –
Northern Rivers will once again have an interactive Earth Mother Shrine at the festival. Grey encouraged the group to bring personal items to place on the shrine.

Cassandra is going to bring the stand she brought last year to the festival. It will be filled with birdseed and placed in the Shrine for anyone who wishes to give an offering to the Earth Mother.

As of now Northern Rivers has two pavilions, but it looking for one more to use for workshops at the festival.

On July 25, Grey suggested that Northern Rivers offer hospitality to the workshop presenters at FAE fest. Seeing as the presenters are not charging for their workshops, and instead are offering their wisdom to others, it feels right to thank them. For our hospitality, it was discussed that the group open up our snack and drink table to the presenters, and offer them a bit of shade if they need it between their workshops.


New Business



Closed at 6:42pm


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