May 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

Called to Order: 1:40 pm

Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Bee, Andrew, Cassandra, Aubrey, and Annette

Ongoing Business:

  • Grove Charter-
    • Grey, Weretoad, and Cassandra met to have the main application notarized.  Grey is working to edit the Bealtaine liturgy before sending it in and completing the Senior Druid questionnaire.  We will look into starting a bank account after we’re officially a grove.  We’re getting there!
  • FAE Fest Updates – 
    • No real updates about the fest itself, although they still seek sponsors.
    • The North East Regional Druid, Bonnie, is thinking about visiting us at the FAE Fest if her schedule allows.
  • Lughnasadh Games Updates – 
    • At the time of this meeting, Grey was working to reach the park office to reserve a pavilion.
    • Since the business meeting, Grey reserved pavilion 1 at Grass Point Park on the St. Lawrence River.  The rental fee is $60.  Grey will send this as soon as she receives the reservation agreement.  Our Lughnasadh games are officially scheduled for Saturday, August 6th.
    • A discussion on games will continue on the FB and Google e-list
  • Review Bealtaine –
    • Those at the meeting who attended our Bealtaine celebration enjoyed it.  Everyone the day of seemed to get something out of it.
  • Kripalu Yoga Center’s Tipi Day –
    • Grey and Weretoad shared thoughts on the Yoga Center’s Tipi Day.  Grey really enjoyed Seth’s hooping workshop.
  • Treasurer Report –
    • Borbeth paid her dues ($25) via paypal.
    • Annette paid her yearly dues ($25) at the meeting.
    • Weretoad reported that we raised a total of $230 in donations to send to Tan and John.  Protogrove members agreed that we wanted to help them out with bills for various reasons.  Tan and John received the check via mail.
    • Weretoad reported that we received $17 in donations for the protogrove at our Bealtaine gathering.  We gave $25 to Kripalu Yoga Center as “rent.”  Grey used $2.20 to print the Bealtaine liturgy and chant sheets.  We have a total of $505.27.

New Business:

  • Artisan Guild Blanket Drive – 

Grey shared that ADF’s Artisan Guild is working on a blanket drive to benefit children in need.  Victoria Leona Oigheag is organizing the drive.  Here are the details as they were emailed to Grey:

The Blankets for Kids Project is now open and taking submissions!

*All ADF members are welcome to join in our Blankets for Kids Project.*

We’ll be making blankets for Project Linus from Beltane through Samhain
2016. If you’d like to donate to another group, please let me know and we
can decide to do a different drive or to split the blankets we get.

To join in, you can submit blankets, squares or contribute to materials for
assembly (money or yarn). Any extra donations will be donated to Project
Linus once this round of blankets is done.

Victoria S (Leona Oigheag) will be collecting the blankets and handing
assembling of squares and donating the full blankets.

Please fill in the google doc form at to let
Victoria know that you’re interested, and to keep updated as we go!

Blanket guidelines and submission information can be found on the Wiki at

Please feel free to add your own patterns, or email me at leonaoigheag at
gmail dot com with links and I’ll add them for you!

In snuggly service,
~ V

  • Summer Solstice –
    • We briefly discussed the traditions from Ireland and the Isle of Man.  We agreed to continue honoring Manannan mac Lir and “paying the rent.”
    • At the meeting, Cassandra volunteered the lead, but she has had to step down since then due to childcare needs.  Grey Catsidhe will lead this ritual on June 18th at the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center.
    • As of this posting, the ritual parts are as follows:
      • Leader – Grey Catsidhe
      • Outsiders – Weretoad
      • Earth Mother – Cassandra
      • Nature Spirits -Heidi
      • Ancestors – TBD
      • Gods and Goddesses – TBD
      • Deity of the Occasion – Grey Catsidhe
      • Seer – Grey Catsidhe
    • Other ritual parts will be assigned to Northern Rivers members as we approach the rite.
    • Magical Working and/or workshop details will come as we approach the rite.
    • Cassandra suggested having the ritual in the shaded area close to the Yoga Center building so children and those with health issues aren’t exposed to too much sun.  Everyone agreed that this is a good idea.
  • Fire Workshop – 
    • When Andrew’s schedule allows, he expressed interest in doing a workshop on fire – building, maintaining, safety, etc.
  • Future Nature Walks and Retreats – 
    • We discussed trails and parks that we would like to visit for future gatherings: Black Pond, Salmon River Falls, and a return to Otter Creek.
  • Future Meetings – 
    • Grey would like to have our next meeting at Seth’s Tarot Cafe.  He has welcomed us and emphasized that the cafe is meant to help build community.
    • Grey would also like to have another virtual meeting to support distance members.
    • Annette shared that she was not fond of our Skype meeting.  We did not use the video feature, and she would like to see faces to better connect.  Everyone agreed that we should try this, knowing that some may not have the capabilities and would have to engage via voice or text.  We talked about trying Google Hangouts and recording our chats so others could watch later if they aren’t able to attend.

Meeting Closed: 2:10


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