March 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

March 2016 Business Meeting

Recorded by our scribe, Cassandra

Called to order at 4:50pm on March 19, 2016
Folk Present:
Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad. Cassandra, Tan, John, Jacob

Acolytes Present:
Heidi, Daniel

Guests Present:
16 guests present

Ongoing Business

    • Lughnasadh – Grey has tried to get ahold of Grass Point State Park to reserve a date, but due to the off-season, she has not been able to get through yet. She will keep trying so that we can reserve a day and continue to plan our ritual and activities. As of now, the group is aiming for August 6th or 7th so that Northern River’s games do not interfere with Muin Mound’s games in case anyone wants to attend both events.
      The group is still brainstorming different games to play. Grey suggested that instead of using biodegradable water balloons, we use sponges soaked in water.


  • F.A.E. Fest – The third annual FAE fest will be held on August 13 at Thompson Park in Watertown. Grey informed the event organizers that due to membership and scheduling, Northern Rivers is not up to performing the main rite at the festival this year. However, the group is open to doing the opening or closing rite.
    Northern Rivers will once again have a booth and Shrine set up at the festival.

New Business

    • Acolyte Membership – Heidi and Daniel are now officially Acolyte members of Northern Rivers. Seeing as there were many new guest, Grey quickly explained dues.


    • Bylaws – The Folk voted on changing the language in the bylaws pertaining to donations collected by the Grove. The new language specifies that undesignated donations are nonrefundable. However, designated donations can be returned on a case by case basis. The Folk were all in favor of this change.


    • Members Bonfire – Grey suggested a members-only summer bonfire to be held at her house. The night would consist of dinner, bonding, games and a bonfire. July 16th is a tentative date as of now.


    • Bealtaine – Bealtaine will be held on May 7th. For the Maypole dance, the group will once again need clean bedding and/or curtains that can be cut into long ribbons. If anyone has any of these items, they can bring them to the next business meeting.


    • April Business Meeting – The next business meeting will be discussed online.


Closed at 5:01 pm


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