February 2016 Business Meeting

Called to Order at 1:19 pm on Feb 20, 2016


Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Tan, John, Cassandra, Andrew (The Hammer), Aubrey, Annette, and Tabetha

Ongoing Business:


    • State of the Protogrove – As per our newly approved bylaws, Northern Rivers Protogrove leadership will review work of the current year and hopes for the future.  Grey lead a brief discussion.  She congratulated the group for its growth despite some of the difficulties, reiterated our preparedness for becoming a grove, and gave credit to everyone for making it happen.


    • Vote on Leadership Council – Grey reviewed the nominations and duties for the following positions: Senior Druid, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Grey Catsidhe was nominated for Senior Druid and voted in unanimously.  Weretoad was nominated for Treasurer and voted in unanimously.  Cassandra was nominated for Secretary and voted in unanimously.  The Leadership Council will have a ceremonial “swearing in” at the Spring Equinox ceremony.


    • Applying for Grove Status – Cassandra shared that there are notaries at the County Office but they are only available on weekdays.  Grey said that the Leadership Council will have to figure out a time to meet and have our signatures notarized prior to sending our paperwork to the ADF office.  We may need to wait until April because of work and school demands.  Next we will apply for our non-profit status in order to obtain a bank account.


    • Treasurer Report – Weretoad updated the group on our funds.  Grey and Weretoad paid dues ($25 each) at our Imbolc gathering.  Grey and Weretoad donated $1.82 to purchase supplies for the Imbolc workshop.  We collected $40 in donations at Imbolc.  We donated $30 to Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center for use of their space during Imbolc.  Our total funds are $367.56.


New Business:

    • Correspondences – We received a thank you card from Sue-Ryn in regards to our Winter Solstice donation to her Wildlife Rehab center.  She was very grateful.  We also received an email from a Syracuse area coven.  They may come to our Spring Equinox ritual to learn about how Druids celebrate.


  • Spring Equinox Gathering-  Our Spring Equinox rite is scheduled for March 19th at the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center.  We discussed our group’s tradition of drumming awake the Nature Spirits.  The group would like to continue that.  The group also wants to keep the Nature Spirits as the Beings of the Rite rather than a specific deity.  Our magical act will be drumming the Nature Spirits awake, but we will also conduct Aubrey’s baby saining.  Grey explained that a saining is simply a protective, purifying  rite.  There is a historical basis for it within Celtic traditions.  We will also swear in our Leadership Council.  Our workshop will be creating masks for the ritual.  There will be a small egg hunt for children who come, and guests are invited to bring a painted egg for our annual egg coloring contest.  These eggs may be offered during our ritual.
    Ritual parts are as follows:

    * Ritual Leader – Grey
    * Outsiders – Weretoad
    * Earth Mother – Cassandra
    * Ancestors – Andrew
    * Gods and Goddesses – Grey
    * Nature Spirits – Annette


    • FAE Fest – The third annual FAE Fest is scheduled for August 13th at the Thompson Park.  The group is interested in once more having an info booth and Earth Mother shrine.  Grey shared that she is the workshop coordinator.  She is going to present a kids workshop (Dancing Tree meditation).  She also shared that Skip Ellison of Muin Mound Grove is going to present a workshop on Fairy Lore in Great Britain.
      Grey shared that the event organizers invited Northern Rivers to lead the main harvest ritual.  We discussed the need for assistance and advanced commitment to make it work.  The group feels that if enough people can commit, we could do a wonderful job.  We decided to take the week to think it over before giving the organizers an answer.


    • Lughnasadh –  The group has decided to celebrate Lughnasadh in the North Country this year.  It is more convenient for a majority of the group.   We will once more rent a pavilion at Grass Point State Park.  It will cost us $60, but we would have shelter, access to the park all day, the beach for swimming, a playground for little ones, grills, bathrooms, and lots of space to play!  We discussed some game ideas: yoga/balance challenge, horse shoes, Kube, a bardic competition, Canjam, and a water ballon fight.  Discussion will continue online and at future meetings.


Closed at 1:55 pm



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