Winter Solstice 2015 Business Meeting Minutes


Called to Order: 7:20 pm

Folk Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Andrew, Cassandra, and Jacob

Acolytes Present: Annette

Guests: Bee, Heidi, Daniel, and Eve

Ongoing Business

    • Bylaws Vote – Grey Catsidhe briefly reviewed the bylaws that we’ve been discussing for the last few months.  It was reiterated that Folk and other members had time to comment on the content, and Grey expressed gratitude to those who did.  We voted on the content of the proposed bylaws with an understanding that Grey and any other interested members will proofread it before submitting our Grove Charter through ADF.
      At the time of the meeting, 6 voted in favor of the proposed bylaws.  0 voted against.  0 abstained.  The bylaws unofficially passed, but Grey asked Folk not in attendance for input.  Holda voted in favor electronically. Without further comment from other members, Grey announced that the bylaws officially passed on Dec 31st.


    • Treasurer Report – Weretoad said that we gained 36 cents extra – perhaps a donation in change that wasn’t counted before?  We took in $20.70 total donations at our Samhain gathering.  Those present voted to donate $25 to the Yoga Center (our typical rental fee).  On December 12, Grey took out $5 to pay for ritual supplies (tapestry needles for Winter Solstice charms); $3 in change was returned.  On December 16, Grey and Weretoad donated $15 to the group which was used to pay for the PO Box.  At our Winter Solstice gathering, we took in a total of $36.20 in donations.  We voted to donate $36 to the Yoga Center.  Jacob paid his dues early – $25 was added to our account.  Our funds are now at $310.16.  We also collected $58.42 in additional donations for our collection to benefit the Animal Rehabilitation Center on Wellesley Island.  Grey will add extra to bring it to $60 and use it to buy a Petco Gift Card.


New Business

    • Nominate Leadership Council – Because we had a majority vote for the bylaws, even without some Folk present, we went ahead with nominations for the Leadership Council so as to be proactive.  Andrew nominated Weretoad for treasurer and this was seconded.  Grey nominated Cassandra for secretary, which was then seconded.  Cassandra nominated Grey for Senior Druid which was also seconded.  Additional nominations must be made prior to our Imbolc business meeting.  We will vote for the Leadership Council at that business meeting.  The Leadership Council must be current Folk, and therefore must be current ADF members.  Following election, they will be ritually installed at our Spring Equinox gathering.


    • Finalizing Our Charter Application – Grey explained the process of applying for Grove Charter.  She is hoping to go through all the requirements and at least start the application process over holiday break. She explained that we need a notary, and Cassandra said that there is a free notary at the County Clerk office.  All Leadership Council members would have to meet there and sign the necessary documents.  Members would like to open up an actual bank account to hold our funds.  Annette suggested Northern Credit Union which has several locations around the area.  The group will research.


    • Imbolc – Imbolc is scheduled for January 30th.  It is Brighid’s feast day, and the group wants to honor her once more. There was brief discussion about doing a collection for a pet shelter since Brighid is associated with domesticated animals.  We will do a craft workshop TBD.  The ritual parts will be as follows:
      • Ritual Leader – Grey
      • Outsiders – Andrew
      • Nature Spirits – Annette
      • Ancestors – Jacob
      • Gods and Goddesses – TBD
      • Brighid – TBD (Grey will do if needed)
      • Seer – Grey


    • Ritual Calendar – Grey worked with Steve of the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center to come up with our ritual calendar for 2016.
      • Imbolc – Jan 30th
      • Spring Equinox – March 19th
      • Beltaine – May 7th (along with the Yoga Center’s Labyrinth Walk)
      • Summer Solstice – June 18th
      • Lughnasadh – TBD (sometime between the end of July and early August – the group expressed interest in holding our own Lugh games locally instead of joining with Muin Mound as we had done in the past.)
      • Autumn Equinox – September 17 (We later realized this is when Pagan Pride is, so we may seek to change the date).
      • Samhain – October 29
      • Winter Solstice – December 19th


  • Jacob’s Goodbye Party – Jacob reminded the group that he plans to move sometime in 2016.  He will let us know when that will be, and he would like to have a goodbye party.  More info to come.

Meeting Closed– 7:50 pm


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