Autumn Equinox and Samhain 2015

I haven’t added any reflections or omens for awhile, so it’s time to play catch up!

Our Autumn Equinox ritual honored the Earth Mother, and we called to three from hearth cultures representing the hearth cultures of our members. Cassandra lead the ritual and, once more, did an amazing job.  Our magical working, lead by Grey, was Cassandra’s mother blessing.  In particular, everyone brought a bead representing their relationship with Cassandra or motherhood.  We blessed the beads, infusing them with hopes and prayers.

The omens were positive seeming.  The Nature Spirits gave us the wren, speaking of cleverness and looking to nature to deepen our Druidic practice.  The Ancestors gave us the horse, suggesting movement and change.  The Gods and Goddesses gave us the bee, which represents community and celebration over the next few weeks.  Cassandra drew a personal omen for the mother blessing work.  It was the eagle, a very significant symbol for her as it represents a recently passed loved one.  The eagle also represents bravery, so I urged Cassandra to be brave in the face of so many new changes.

Our Samhain ritual honored An Morrigan and the Ancestors. It was a very emotional and moving rite, which is usual for the occasion. Many of us had lost loved ones over the past year. Our magical working was our traditional apple rite, which calls to the recently deceased, inviting them to our fire to join with the elder Ancestors before moving on.

The omens at our Samhain ritual were the otter from the Nature Spirits, the horse from our Ancestors, and the snake from the Gods and Goddesses. I interpreted this omen as follows:

The Nature spirits are reminding us that we need to find fun and joy in this season of cold and death.

The Ancestors are reminding us that we are all on a journey. Death is but the beginning of a new venture. It was a reassuring omen.

The Gods and Goddesses challenged us to shed what we don’t need in order to grow and improve.

It is interesting that the Ancestors have given us the horse two High Days in a row.  Perhaps there is a larger pattern that we need to pay attention to?  A societal change?  A movement among our own people?  Time will tell…


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