Autumn Equinox 2015 Business Meeting Minutes

Date: 9/19/15

Called to Order: 7:48

Folk Present: Tan, John, Grey, Weretoad, Cassandra, and Jacob

Acolytes: None

Guests:  Bee

Ongoing Business:

  • Book Study – We are reading Bonewits’ Essential Guide to Druidism. The book should be finished for our discussion at our Samhain gathering on October 31st.  The discussion will take place during the workshop portion of the evening.  Discussion will be casual.  As you read, think about whether or not anything was new, surprising, or troubling to you.  Will the book inform your spirituality, and if so, how?  Should Northern Rivers incorporate anything from the book into our group practice?
  • Bylaws – Folk are continuing to review and comment on the bylaws draft.  We will vote on it at our Samhain business meeting.  All members should read through, discuss, and make suggestions prior to that.  If you have questions about viewing the draft, please speak to Grey.
  • 2015 FAE Fest – We briefly reflected on the FAE Fest.  Everyone who came agreed it was a success.
  • Other – No other Ongoing Business was brought up.

New Business:

  • Study Group / Meet and Greet – We scheduled this event for October 3rd at the Lyric Coffee House in Clayton, NY.  Grey agreed to set up a FB event page and make a reservation.
  • Samhain 2015 – This event is scheduled for October 31st at the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center.  The Deity of the Rite will be An Morrigan.  Our magical working will be the Apple Rite.

    Ritual Leader: Grey
    Outsiders: Jacob
    Earth Mother: Jacob
    Nature Spirits: Cassandra
    Ancestors: Tan
    Gods: Grey volunteered, but later gave the part to Annette as she wanted to help
    An Morrigan: Tan
    Seer: Grey

    We agreed to discuss a kid activity online.

    Everyone is encouraged to dress in costumes.

  • Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center Open House – Grey made sure the group was aware of the Open House.
  • Faery Strange Forest – Grey told the group that the Faery and Earth Festival organizers are putting on a haunted trail to raise money for the 2016 FAE Festival.  They are looking for volunteers.  At the very least, consider attending on one of the following dates: Friday and Saturdays October 23, 24, 30, and 31st.  $5 entry fee.  There may be more kid-friendly times.  Updates to follow on the FB group.

Meeting Closed: 8:03


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