August 2015 Business Meeting Minutes

This meeting was part of a members-only event.  It was held at one of our homes.

Opened: 3:50

Folk Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, and Cassandra

Members Present: Annette

Guests: Bee (members’ children and significant others are able to attend closed events)

Grey formally welcomed Annette as a member to Northern Rivers Protogrove.

Ongoing Business:

    • Treasurer ReportWeretoad reported that Annette paid her annual dues of $25 at our Feast for Manannan event on July 11th.  We also gained $23 in donations that day.The group spent $8 on craft supplies for the centerpiece.

      We have a total of $295.90 saved up.

    • FAE FestThe festival is scheduled for Saturday, August 15th.  We finalized plans and worked on our triptych centerpiece.
    • Bylaws Update

      Grey shared a rough copy of the bylaws with dues-paying members.  Please read through, provide input, and reply to her comments.  We want this document to truly reflect our needs at this time.  We can revise it again a few years later if we need to.  Please give your input by Samhain.  We will officially vote on these bylaws at our Samhain meeting.  As per ADF bylaws, only ADF members / Folk of the Protogrove may vote on this.  All members are encouraged to share their input, however.  Different perspectives are very helpful.
    • Jacob’s Folk Initiation

      Jacob’s initiation is planned for Sept 5th.  It will be at a member home.  This is a Folk-only event.  Times TBD

New Business:

      • Book Study

        We are going to read “Bonewits’ Essential Guide to Druidism” by ADF founder Isaac Bonewits.  Those who wish to participate should read the book independently. Used copies are available online. We will get together to discuss it for our “workshop” during the Samhain gathering.  As you read, keep track of anything new you may have learned, whether or not the book will help you in your spiritual studies.  Why or why not?

      • Northern Rivers Warrior Tradition

        Grey suggested that, if any of our protogrove members win any of the warrior events at the Lughnasadh games, they become known as the protogrove warriors for the year.  They will be offered the Outsiders part first.  If there is more than one, they will take turns.  If one warrior does not wish for the part, the other may have first pick.  If neither want it, then others may take the part at the discretion of the liturgist and current warriors.  Everyone in attendance approved of this idea.

      • Autumn Equinox

        Our Autumn Equinox celebration is planned for Sept 19th.  It will be held at the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center from 4-8.  Members are asked to come at 3 to help setup.

        The purpose of the ritual will be to honor the Earth Mother, as is our tradition.  We also decided to make three “cultural” Earth Mothers the deities of the occasion.  We decided on Danu to represent the Irish hearth culture, the Vedic Earth Mother, and a third will be determined later based on participation.  The magical working will be Cassandra’s Mother Blessing ceremony.  Guests are encouraged to bring a bead that represents motherhood, strength, or Cassandra herself.

        Ritual parts will be as follows:

        Ritual leader: Cassandra (will write the liturgy and share with Grey prior to date)
        Earth Mother: Cassandra
        Outsiders: Weretoad
        Bardic/Cosmos: Cassandra
        Nature Spirits: Annette
        Ancestors: TBD
        Gods and Goddesses: TBD
        Deities of the Rite: Danu – Cassandra, Vedic – Tanya, 3rd Goddess – TBD
        Magician: Grey (lead Mother Blessing)
        Seer: Grey

        The workshop will be a casual bardic practice.  We’ll work on songs for upcoming rituals.

        The potluck theme will be “Thanksgiving,” as the Autumn Equinox is a harvest feast.  Please see the event page on FB to help plan a balanced, varied meal.

Closed: 4:56


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