Our 2015 Lughnasadh with Muin Mound Grove

As is our tradition, Northern Rivers Protogrove gathered with Muin Mound Grove to celebrate the Irish festival of Lughnasadh.  It was a multi-day event held at Rev. Skip Ellison’s home.  A few Northern River Rats were able to attend on Saturday and Sunday.  As always, it’s wonderful when the tribes can gather to keep the old ways and strengthen our bonds.  It’s also important that we meet with other groves from time to time.  It shows us different ways of doing things and inspires us to be inventive.

Handmade warrior tokens were awarded to champions of the various games we played in honor of Lugh. Two Northern Rivers members won different games. Weretoad won the strength token (backwards in the photo) for beating everyone at the “hunker down” competition. Jacob won the speed token (with the horse) for winning the footrace around the property. One of Muin Mound’s younger member won the overall games. She was given a wreath of grape leaves which was then given as an offering to Lugh on behalf of everyone who participated. Photo by Jacob, 2015.

In addition to the competitive games, there were other activities for young and old alike such as a trampoline, swimming, catch, and kuub. Artisans displayed their work.  The pool was especially welcomed as it was a sunny, warm weekend.  Saturday night, we had a big feast followed by card games and songs around a bonfire.  Muin Mound has some very talented bards!

We honored Lugh during our ritual Sunday afternoon.  Muin Mound, being the hosts, lead the ritual, but they opened ritual parts up to us as well.  Grey helped with the two powers meditation, Cassandra placated the sky spirits, and Jacob welcomed the Ancestors.  Offerings were given, prayers were said, and songs were sung.  We parted in good spirits, excited for all we experienced, and already looking forward to next year’s gathering.

Muin Mound Grove’s Lughnasadh altar. Photo by Weretoad, 2015.


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