June 2015 Business Meeting

This meeting was held at a member’s home during a closed event.  The only guest present was a member’s child.

Held On: June 6th, 2015

Folk Present: Grey, Weretoad, Cassandra, and Holda (virtually)

Members Present: Jacob

Guests Present: Bee

Called to Order: 3:00 pm

Old Business

  • Summer Solstice – Scheduled for June 20th at the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center.  This event will be lead and hosted by the Yoga Center.  Our hosts invite us to bring a finger food dish to pass.  We are also invited to dress up to represent an aspect of nature.  There will be drumming at the end of the vent.  (We then paused to watch and laugh at an “Angry Yoga” video.”)
  • Feast with Manannan – Scheduled for July 11th at Grass Point State Park, located between Alexandria Bay and Clayton, NY.  We are hosting the event, and it is open to anyone, however there is a $7 parking fee for the park.  A reminder, this will be a slightly casual rite as we will be in a rather public place.  We also won’t have our bonfire here to burn offerings.  To keep things simple, and encourage speaking from the heart, we will play ‘ritual roulette.”  The main offering will be a small stone that Grey will paint to look like Manannan.  Everyone will add a spiral to it and put their gratitude into it.  We’ll transport the stone to the circle at the Yoga Center at a later date.  The feast will occur during the return flow portion of the rite.  The potluck theme is “Summer Picnic.”
  • FAE Fest – Scheduled for August 15th at the Thompson Park in Watertown, NY.  As an update to what was discussed at Bealtaine, the group wants to meet and craft a centerpiece for our Earth Mother shrine.  We decided on a triptych that we will help decorate with colored paper and marker drawings.  Those present decided to schedule the event for Friday, July 17th, 4:00 at Thompson Park.  We’ll begin with a potluck dinner, meditate on the Earth Mother, brainstorm, and get to work.  See the event page on FB for more details.  In addition to the centerpiece, Cassandra offered to bring a birdseed stand to hold offerings that others can take and sprinkle on the ground.  She and her husband plan to purchase an additional pavilion to enlarge our space and provide more shelter should it rain.  Grey has a folding table for our info.  We’ll need to bring some of our Druidic books and tools to display.  We need to print some pamphlets to bring as well.
  • Lugh Games with Muin Mound Grove – Scheduled for Jul 31st-August 2nd.  Discussed who is coming and when.  Grey reminded everyone that they do not need to camp.  People may come for the ritual only which is usually on Sunday around noon.  This event is in Syracuse.  See the FB event page for details.
  • Bylaws – Grey reported slow progress on the rough draft due to health issues.  She intends to finish it early in the summer.
  • Treasurer Report – Weretoad reported that we collected $36 in donations at Bealtaine.  We gave $35 to the Kripalu Yoga Center as “rent.”  ($1 net gain.)  AG paid $25 in dues May 3rd.  On May 9th, we transferred $60 out to rent the pavilion at Grass Point State Park.  Our current balance is $256.74.
  • Dues – Grey reported that she sent memos to those with lapsed membership.  As a general reminder, dues help us to pay rent at the Yoga Center, purchase ritual and workshop supplies, and rent pavilions at parks for other events.  Dues are not required to attend our open events, but those with a serious interest are encouraged to take part in helping to pay for space and materials.  Obvious perks include attending closed events like the day’s study group!

New Business

  • Study Groups – Jacob suggested that we try to schedule a study group meeting every quarter.  Others agree that this is a great idea.  We will try to schedule another in the fall, hopefully on a month that we don’t have another ritual.  Even if we aren’t terribly productive, we can hold each other accountable, have a business meeting, and socialize.
  • Autumn Equinox – This ritual is scheduled for September 19th.  Grey noted that this is the same day as CNY Pagan Pride Day, which is unfortunate.  She vowed to pay better attention to that when scheduling rituals with Steve next year.
  • Oak Leaves – Shout out to Holda for contributing to an article on ADF Druidism in Germany!  She mentioned Northern Rivers Protogrove and how meaningful her time with us was.  It was moving to see that, and we were so happy she joined us virtually via Skype for our event.
  • Folk Initiation – Jacob formally requested to become one of the Folk of the Protogrove.  Since four out of the five current Folk (not lapsed) were present, we voted in favor of this since Jacob has been an integral part of the protogrove for over a year.  He has been a very active dues-paying member for over a year, always willing to help set up and clean up.  He has taken numerous ritual parts, and shows a great respect towards the group and the tradition.  Furthermore, Jacob has started to work through the Dedicant Path, demonstrating a real desire to deepen his understanding of ADF Druidism.  These are the qualities we seek in Folk of the Protogrove.  We scheduled his initiation rite for September 5th at Cassandra and Andrew’s home.  More details to come.  This will be a closed event for adults only.
  • ADF Updates – Grey reviewed some of the recent changes in ADF’s bylaws and communication policies.  She expressed faith in the Mother Grove, and hope for the future.

Meeting Closed: 3:50


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