Bealtaine 2015 Business Metting

Folk Present: Grey, Weretoad, Cassandra
Members Present: AG
Guests Present: Bee, Cori, Wally, Elizabeth, Alex, Celia, and Ethan.

Called to Order: 3:30 pm

Old Business

  • Spring Equinox – We discussed the ritual and what we thought.  Everyone felt it was fun. Cori felt the masks were a great idea.
  • Coffee Hour – Those who attended thought it was a good time.  It was fun to socialize and casually chat about our path.
  • Bylaws – Grey is working on a rough copy in Google Docs.  She will share this with Folk for group editing when she’s done.
  • FAE Fest – The event is scheduled for August 15th at Thompson Park in Watertown, NY.  We need to continue brainstorming online and at meetings leading up.  We are committed to having our own info table and interactive Earth Mother shrine.  We are also helping to man the main festival info booth which will be set up near us.  Cori suggested that we have some tools that we use on display, such as runes for the Norse folk.  Grey seconded that idea.  AG suggested having a Brighid candle as well.  Grey and Cassandra liked that idea, but we need to keep that in our info table and not in the Earth Mother shrine.  We want people to understand that we’re a polytheistic group and that we aren’t saying Brighid is the Earth Mother.
  • Summer Solstice with Kripalu – Scheduled for June 20th at 5 pm at the Yoga Center.  This will be lead and hosted by Kripalu; we are just attending as a group to show support, represent, and join in the fellowship!

New Business

  • Feast with Manannan – Scheduled for July 11th at Grass Point State Park between Alexandria Bay and Clayton, NY.  The group has paid $60 to reserve a pavilion.  This will be a more casual ritual utilizing only basic offerings due to lack of a bonfire and a desire to leave the park neat.  We’ll engage in “ritual roulette” for ritual parts to keep things simple.  The feast will occur during the return flow portion of the ritual.  There is a beach, bathroom, and playground near the pavilion.  Bring a swim suit!  There is a $7 parking fee for the park.
  • Lugh Games with Muin Mound Grove – A three day camping event scheduled for the end of July.  Grey reminded everyone that it’s happening.
  • Dues – Grey gave a general reminder, without naming anyone, that some folk and members are behind on dues.  Please see Grey or Weretoad if you are ready to pay this year’s dues, or if you need to work out a payment plan.

Meeting Closed: 3:40 pm


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