2015 Spring Equinox Ritual and Omens

Our altar, decked out for the Spring Equinox. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2015.

We began our festivities with a simple mask making workshop. The purpose was to prepare ritual guests for the magical working later. Everyone was to choose a North Country Nature Spirit who hibernates or migrates, then make a mask to represent that spirit. During ritual, each of us would call out to that “tribe” of Nature Spirits, asking them to wake up or come back! Everyone had fun getting in touch with their inner artist. Everyone was invited to bring a decorated egg for a coloring contest. While we made masks, we voted on the best. The winner, Cori, won a golden egg badge, for her lovely watercolored egg.  We gave these eggs as offerings to the Nature Spirits later.

Two handsome Nature Spirits – a turkey vulture and a greenman! Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2015.

The ritual went well and was very well-attended. Although there were some minor hiccups, they were handled with a sense of humor and grace. The children enjoyed drumming to wake up the Nature Spirits. We encouraged everyone to get in touch with their primal side, allowing folks to hoot, howl, and even move like an animal or plant. The kids needed that outlet, and the adults all enjoyed the energy we raised!

Spring Equinox 2015 omens. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2015.

Our ritual leader and seer, Grey Catsidhe, drew the omen, which turned out to be very positive.  The Nature Spirits gave us the cow, a symbol for abundance.  The Ancestors gave us the dog, a symbol of loyalty and friendship.  The Gods gave us the hind/doe, a symbol for the Otherworld and magic.  She interpreted that the Nature Spirits have an abundant harvest coming for us, and the Ancestors, with their connections to fertility and desire for their tribe to succeed, are loyal to us and want to make sure we have that promised abundance.  The Gods and Goddesses invite us to grow closer to them.  They have opened the door, and it’s up to use to follow them into the forest.

Delicious blueberry pie made by Weretoad.  Photo by Weretoad, 2015.

Delicious blueberry pie made by Weretoad. Photo by Weretoad, 2015.

After ritual, we enjoyed a potluck feast featuring spring rolls, enchiladas, fruit and veggie salsas, salads, dips, roasted chickpeas, peach cobbler, and blueberry pie. Everything was fantastic!

Winter was quiet for Northern Rivers Protogrove. Rituals were very small and quiet. Now that spring is upon us, we’re coming out of hibernation and seeing renewed growth!


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