Winter Solstice 2014 Business Meeting Minuts

Meeting held on 12/13/14
Called to Order: 7:40 pm
Folk Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, and Cassandra
Allies Present: Jacob
Visitors: Bee, Tiffany, and Pete

Old Business:

    • Skype Chats – Agreed to try and keep doing it.  Cassandra will try to connect in the future.
    • Social Media- We are experimenting with Google+ for members who have been locked out of FB, or those who decided to leave FB, and as a backup in case mods are ever locked out of FB.
    • Bylaws- Grey asked Folk and interested Allies to research other ADF bylaws to get ideas.  Bring them to the next meeting to begin seriously discussing.
  • Treasurer Report- Weretoad reported the following:

    At our Samhain gathering, we had a total of $194.92.  Part of this was made of up $15 that Amalie gave towards Ally dues.At the Winter Solstice gathering (the day of the business meeting), we gathered $29.01 in donations (no idea where that penny came from… lol).  We gave $25 to the Kirpalu Yoga and Wellness Center (our minimum rent for the space).  Folk and Allies voted on this amount because of the low turnout at this event.  This brought our total funds to $198.93.

New Business:

    • Ritual Dates for 2015- Grey will discuss this with Steve for another time.  She briefly mentioned the possibility of gathering for Samhain on the actual date which may lower attendance due to trick-or-treating desires.  We also discussed Muin Mound’s Lugh Games for Lughnasadh.  People who joined the discussion were in favor of joining them for their event rather than planning our own.  People enjoy seeing what they get up to.
    • Imbolc Ritual- Our focus will be honoring Brighid.  We talked about possibly honoring her three main aspects as we did last year.  Online, Lucy volunteered to make favors.  We decided to bring the ritual parts discussion online due to the low Folk and Ally turnout at Winter Solstice.  It was agreed that Grey would lead.
  • Meetup or Workshop for January?- We agreed that we would try to connect if our Imbolc ritual ended up scheduled for February rather than the end of January.

Meeting ended: 7:53 pm


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