Imbolc 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting held on: Jan 31, 2015
Call to Order: 7:25 pm
Folk Present: Grey, Weretoad, and Cassandra
Visitors: Bee

Old Business:

    • Social Networking- Folk present discussed the social networking experiment with Google+.  We agreed that it’s not active at all; most people still use FB.  Two members that were locked out of FB are now able to get back on and have started to communicate on the group again.  Only one Folk is still away from FB by choice.  We will continue to put important info on the Google+ page for her and anyone else who uses it, and will keep it as a backup, but we agreed the FB group is still the most useful platform for discussion.
    • Treasurer Report- Weretoad was not prepared and will deliver the treasurer report next time.
    • Ritual Dates for 2015- Grey reported that she discussed ritual dates with Steve.  Most people have probably noticed the event pages with the dates on FB and Google+.  She will update the website calendar ASAP.
  • Bylaws Discussion- Cassandra and Grey shared their thoughts on other ADF Grove bylaws.  Cassandra felt that Charter Oak Grove had really clear, concise bylaws.  She liked the straightforward language with regards to disruptive behavior and the discrimination policy.  She also found the part that required anyone wishing to leave a leadership position do so in writing so that there is a record appealing. This could help avoid disputes later on.  Grey discussed her familiarity with Muin Mound Grove’s bylaws as well as some of what she liked on Three Cranes Grove’s.  Membership requirements must be clear.  We have these but should review for clarity.  We also should review and include our children policy.  We’ll need to begin with a description of our focus.  We kind of have this, but should review as well.  One thing we need to create are leadership positions with descriptions.  As we start out, we should keep it simple: Senior Druid, secretary, and treasurer.  Maybe a Vice Senior Druid.  We agreed to continue discussions but not to rush.

New Business:

    • FAE Fest- The 2nd annual Fairy and Earth Festival will be on August 15th from 10 am – 6 pm at the Thompson Park in Watertown, NY.  Grey shared that one of the organizers privately contacted her to ask about Northern Rivers manning the main info booth in addition to our own.  They would be placed close together so as to facilitate breaks, childcare, etc.  This would be considered bartering for our entrance fee, although a donation is also suggested to help cover fair costs.  Cassandra and Weretoad felt this was reasonable, and Grey agreed.  We will need to hear from other Folk to officially vote in favor of this, though.  We discussed the need for help, and a backup plan in case there are any emergencies this year.  Cassandra is hoping that she and Andrew will have another canopy so that we can have a bigger space for Northern Rivers.  Our plan is to create a lovely Earth Mother shrine where visitors can give offerings such as birdseed or flower petals.  Grey suggested periodically circling the shrine while singing songs in praise of the Earth Mother.  This would help add to the emphasis on honoring the Earth in many ways, and would educate visitors on what we do.  We will continue to discuss as we approach.
    • February Social- Grey asked about planning a social gathering to reconnect with those who haven’t been able to meet up at the last two High Days.  Cassandra agreed.  We decided to have it at Paneera Bread as other places offered require a reservation and donation, and attendance has been very iffy lately.  We agreed not to look into paying to use rooms for additional gatherings until attendance improves.  We decided to schedule it between meal times to make it really casual – just a Druid Coffee Hour.
  • Spring Equinox Ritual-  The purpose of the rite will be to honor the Nature Spirits and wake up/call back the plants and animals who were hibernating or away during the cold season.  Our workshop/craft circle will be making masks to reflect a Nature Spirit we will call to during ritual.  Grey hopes making the masks will focus thinking and purpose for our magical working later.  These masks may be given to the fire afterwards if desired.  We also decided to have a decorated egg contest for fun.
    Ritual parts thus far:
    Leader: Grey
    Outsiders: Weretoad
    Bardic/Gatekeeper: Grey
    Earth Mother: Cassandra
    Nature Spirits: Cassandra
    Magical Working: Grey
    Seer: Grey

    We will need someone to call the Ancestor and Gods and Goddesses.  Smaller parts for purifying the ritual space will be given the day of.

    • Dues- Dues are due from the following Folk: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Cassandra, Andrew, Tara Loughbourough, and John.  Grey, Weretoad, Cassandra, and Andrew paid in full.  Tara and John contacted Grey online about paying in increments when they attend the next ritual.  Weretoad will update dues and present funds at the next business meeting.

Meeting ended: 7:40


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