2014 Autumn Equinox Omen

The spirit of the occasion was the Earth Mother

The acting seer was Grey Catsidhe

The divination tool used was The Druid Animal Oracle.

From the Nature Spirits, I drew the salmon which I interpreted to be wisdom, especially primordial wisdom that nature needs us to learn for the change of seasons.

The Ancestors sent us the sow, which I interpreted as a protective energy. At the time, I felt that the Ancestors were watching over us, protecting us. In retrospect, I also see that the Ancestors encourage us to be strong and protective of our own children and creations – including the protogrove itself. We need to take a stand when it comes to our expectations for the group so we can commune with the Kindreds in safety and joy.

The Gods gave us the hind, the white doe. She invites us to venture into the Otherworld, to commune with the spirit world and get in touch with our deeper natures. We don’t know what mystery lies beyond her, but we must persevere to grow spiritually.


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