2014 Autumn Equinox Business Meeting Minutes

Held on 9/27/14

Called to Order: 7:51 pm

Folk present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Andrew, and Cassandra

Allies present: Lucy and Jacob

Visitors present: Cory, Elizabeth, and Serena

Old Business

  1. Summer Review

    The group quickly recounted activities we got up to over the summer.  Everyone who was able to attend the events really enjoyed them.  Grey hopes more people will camp out at the Muin Mound Lugh Games next year.  Grey and Cassandra also want to have an Earth Mother shrine at the next FAE fest, and everyone agreed that a shift schedule would be important.

  2. Tara’s Beads

    This discussion was postponed because Tara had to leave early.  The ladies of the folk and allies are still interested.

  3. Book Chat

    Grey reminded everyone that our workshop for Samhain will be our discussion of Margot Adler’s book, “Drawing Down the Moon.”  It will not be a kid-friendly workshop so participants are asked to bring quiet, indoor activities for the children to do while we discuss.  There will be a coloring and sensory activity for little ones.

New Business

  1. Samhain

    Our Samhain ritual will be held on November 1st.  We will honor the Ancestors, as is traditional, and we will do our apple ceremony for the magical working.

    Ritual parts so far are as follows:

    Leader: Grey
    Outsiders: Lucy
    Earth Mother: Cassandra
    Nature Spirits: Jacob
    Ancestors: Grey
    Gods and Goddesses: Cassandra
    Seer: Possibly Tara

    We may honor An Morrigan as well.  Grey will see if Tara is interested in doing that.

    Some discussion followed about a craft activity for young and old alike.  Cory suggested painting mini pumpkins, but Grey reminded everyone that we need to be careful about the carpet at the yoga center.  She suggested coloring skull masks to connect to the Ancestors.  Discussion will continue as we get closer.

    Costumes are encouraged!

  2. Winter Solstice

    At our last business meeting, we briefly discussed the possibility of having a “Yule Ball,” but we decided that the Yoga Center is not an appropriate place for such an event.  There is still interest in dressing up according to the seasonal changes of sun and snow.  This discussion will continue.

  3. Favors

    The group praised Tara’s efforts for making beautiful stone favors for an entire year.  We then moved on to discuss how we enjoy giving favors but the responsibility should be shared.  Grey suggested that, anytime we do a craft activity for a workshop, that it be considered the favor.

    We clarified that favors are given based on RSVPs, then on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Favors may also be given one per family if necessary.

    The responsibility of favors falls to folk and allies.  Visitors are guests and should not have to make something for an event they are not hosting.

    Suggestions for favors included: simple pins, bookmarks, devotional cards with deity images, ornaments, etc.  They should not take an extraordinary amount of effort or money.

  4. Alternative to FB Group

    Grey summarized the conversation from the FB group.  FB is starting to crackdown on people using pseudonyms.  Given how many people in Northern Rivers who use them to protect their identities, this is a concern.  Grey said she would like to have a presence on FB given how many people are on there.  If needed, we would create a page rather than a group.  Weretoad briefly expressed concerns that we would lose interest by moving to a less-used platform.  Grey asked everyone to brainstorm but reminded everyone that we’re not making any changes until needed.

  5. Treasurer Report

    Weretoad reported that we had a total of $228.91 at our Summer Solstice gathering.
    We did not collect anything at Lughnasadh because we did not host that ritual.
    In August, we spent $6.00 of the account for a new storage tote.
    Grey donated $14 which was then used to pay for the group PO box.
    On 9/27/14, Jacob paid his dues, officially making him an ally of the protogrove.
    We collected an impressive $232.24 in donations at our Autumn Equinox ritual.
    This brought our group total to $479.24.
    The folk voted to donate $100 to the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center.
    The group’s total funds are currently at $379.92.
    Weretoad discussed his desire to start an official bank account for the group since we’ve grown, our funds have grown, and we need to protect that money.
    Grey mentioned that we’ll be expected to do that when we become an official grove.

Meeting Closed: 8:29 pm

After the Meeting:

The Folk of the Protogrove are currently discussing revising our policy on having children at events as there were numerous complaints about behavior during our potluck.   An announcement will be made closer to Samhain.


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