The 15th Annual Central New York Pagan Pride Day

Several members and friends of Northern Rivers Protogrove are planning to attend the upcoming CNY PPD at Longbranch Park in Liverpool, NY.  It’s always a fantastic event, and the diversity of Pagan paths represented has improved immensely!  (Two years ago, the main ritual was performed by a Henge of Keltria grove, and last year by a Heathen group!)  This one looks to be better than ever with more musical performances, talented vendors, and a wealth of educational workshops!  At 10 am there’s going to be a workshop on Manx folklore that looks very promising:

“Manx Folklore

Annie Cúglas Humphrey

The Isle of Man is in the Irish Sea between northern Ireland and northern England. At the crossroads of Gaelic and Norse culture, the island’s folklore demonstrates syncretism alive to the modern day. Even the modern wheel of the year was influenced by the Manx calendar. Join Annie Cúglas for an introduction to the history of Mann, its holidays and customs, and tales of curious landwights of the island.

Bio: A lifelong polytheist, Annie has presented topics about northern European spirituality to heathen, pagan, secular, and academic audiences. She holds several degrees in medieval studies and enjoys making music and writing.”

If you’re new to Druidism or Paganism in general, please join everyone in fellowship at the CNY PPD!


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