Summer Solstice 2014 Omen

2014 Summer Solstice Omen - Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2014

2014 Summer Solstice Omen – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2014

The spirits of the occasion were the Agni and Surya

The acting seer was Grey Catsidhe

The divination tool used was The Druid Animal Oracle.

Nature Spirits – Goose – gèadh

The Nature Spirits urge us to embrace our parental qualities and protect those projects that we are nurturing.  I got a sense that we need to be mindful of the plants growing around us – wild and in our gardens.  We need to take care of them this season.  If we are working on any projects, we should tend to those.  The goose also carries strong family symbolism.  This card is the Nature Spirit’s way of reminding us that they are also our family and they are our allies in our creative pursuits.

Ancestors – Crane – corr

The Ancestors sent us a very appropriate omen since the crane is associated with liminality – existing between the worlds.  This omen announced the very closeness of the Ancestors during our rite.  They are reminding us that they are near if we need them.  The crane also symbolizes secret knowledge.  The Ancestors invite us to work with them this season for they will teach us the Old Ways.

Gods and Goddesses – Blackbird – druid dhubh

The Gods and Goddesses invite us to continue our exploration of the Druid path.  I got the impression that we are doing the right things for the protogrove by continuing to work together and explore our spirituality.  The blackbird is asking that we grow even more self-aware and work harder to attend to the needs of our spirits.  This season, take some time to further explore your Druidism.


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