Bealtaine 2014 Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting held on May 10th, 2014.

Folk Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Tara Loughborough, Jon, Cassandra, and Andrew.

Allies Present: Holda and Lucy

Guests: Jacob and Bee

Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm

Old Business:

  • Wellspring – Held over the Memorial Day weekend.  Due to a variety of conflicts, no members from Northern Rivers are able to attend this year.  On a related note, the quilt project is on hold.  Grey hopes some of us will be able to attend next year and will relax on finishing the quilt piece for now.
  • FAE Festival – Although the Dreaming Crow is closing its doors, the FAE Festival it is organizing will still be August 23rd.  Members of Northern Rivers are still committed to having an informational table and handling the recyclables.  Grey, Weretoad, Cassandra, and Andrew are definitely planning to be there.  Grey is going to lead a workshop on the Three Hallows and is hoping for others to attend to support with chanting.  She is also leading a kids workshop – the guided tree moving meditation that she did for TILT.  We will discuss more and get some firm plans in place at our next meeting.
  • Muin Mound’s Lugh Games – These games are going to be held at Muin Mound Grove in Syracuse, NY, from July 25th-27th.  We discussed the activities they usually have.  People are allowed to camp overnight or attend just one day.  Everyone is excited.

New Business:

  • Correspondances – TILT sent a thank you for our help at their Arbor Day event.  Everyone who came had a blast helping out.  We definitely want to do it again.
  • Holda’s Initiation –  Planned for May 24th.  Only other Folk may attend.  We decided to order pizza for dinner.  Further details will be discussed privately.
  • Tara’s Beads – Tara would like to make a special, silver bead for interested folk and allies.  She shared designs and discussed possible prices for material.  Interested people may give her old silver to recycle for the process.  We will decide on a design by Holda’s initiation.
  • Primitive Camping – Grey shared info about the “primitive campgrounds” at nearby Cross Island Farms.  Everyone expressed interest.  Grey will research group prices so we can plan something for fall or next spring/summer.  Goals would be to engage with meditation in nature, light ritual, possible workshops throughout the day, socializing and games throughout the day, potluck meals, and a bardic circle at night.  This would be a folk and allies only event and would require a significant downpayment ahead of time.
  • Summer Solstice – Tara is going to lead our first ever Vedic rite for our Summer Solstice celebration on June 28th.  The focus will be on Agni, a messenger to the Gods with a connection to the sun.  It will feature authentic chants which Tara will teach us ahead of time.  There will also be a focus on mantras and meditation.

    Ritual parts are as follows:

    Outsiders – Andrew
    Earth Mother – Cassandra
    Nature Spirits – Grey
    Ancestors – Cassandra
    Gods and Goddesses – Grey
    Deities of the rite – Tara
    Seer – Grey

    After much discussion, the group decided that our potluck theme will be “sugar and spice.”  The group insisted I add the following to the minutes: “The potluck title does not refer to a porno title, but to spicy and sweet Indian food.”  As always, the potluck theme is not strict.  It’s merely a challenge to guests!

    More info on the Summer Solstice will follow.  Keep an eye on the FB page.

  • Treasurer’s Report – Weretoad reported that, as of March 15th, we had $206.91.  We collected $70 in donations and dues on May 10th.  Holda and Lucy paid their dues in full on this day.  To date, all current folk and allies have paid their dues in full except for Misabe who has worked out a special arrangement and is paying by increments.  The group voted to give $35 to the Kripalu Yoga Center ($25 rental fee, $10 extra donation).  This left us with $241.91.  Again, these funds pay for our time at the Kripalu Yoga Center and often help with ritual tools as well as occasional workshop location fees.  We thank everyone who continues to donate!
  • Future Workshops or Gatherings –  We briefly discussed getting together in early July.  Most people would like to have a casual gathering with folk and allies – possibly a cookout at a private home.

    Meeting Closed at 8:20


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