Spring Equinox 2014 Business Meeting Minutes

The beginning and ending times of this meeting were not recorded.

Folk of the Protogrove in Attendance: 

Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Tara Loughborough, John, Andrew, and Cassandra.

Visitors in attendance: 


1) Bealtaine Gathering

Our Bealtaine celebration will occur on May 10th at the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center.  We hope and pray that we will actually be able to have this rite at the stone circle!  We decided that our Bealtaine ritual will honor Medb and An Dagda.  It will start at 4, and folk are asked to come around 3 to help set up.  Folk will gather for a private gathering beforehand to make more maypole ribbons.

Our workshop will be dancing the maypole.  Grey and Weretoad expressed a desire to plant a few flowers around the base to make it more festive and spring-like.  John will play the bagpipes to accompany our dance!

Our magical working will be jumping the bonfire (or a candle for those worried about safety or who are unable to physically jump the firepit) for luck.  This is a traditional practice that is still done to this day by those who celebrate in Ireland.

Ritual parts are as follows:

Ritual leader: Grey
Outsiders: Andrew
Bardic spirit: Grey (or Misabe depending on her schedule)
Earth Mother: Weretoad
Gatekeeper and cosmos: Grey
Nature Spirits: Tara
Ancestors: Cassandra
Gods and Goddesses: Grey (?)
Medb: Cassandra
An Dagda: Grey
Seer: Tara
2) Private Folk Gathering

The folk of the protogrove will gather on April 12th to watch a documentary and discuss it.  We will also prepare ribbons for the Maypole and play some games.  We’ll also have a potluck dinner and work on our ADF quilt patch.

3) Wellspring

The annual ADF Wellspring festival is quickly approaching.  We discussed who was hoping to attend, preparations, etc.  The discussion will continue on the FB event page.

4) FAE Pagan Pride

We discussed the upcoming FAE Pagan Pride festival hosted by the Dreaming Crow and Kripalu Yoga Center.  Northern Rivers is committed to attending, helping, and offering a couple workshops.  We are going to spearhead the festival’s recycling efforts.  We will put together a few recycling receptacles to go around the Yoga Center, including the nature trail.  Andrew has volunteered to take the bags of recyclables to the local center for processing.  We spent some time discussing workshop ideas.  Discussion will continue at our next business meeting.

5) Treasury Report

Weretoad reported that Northern Rivers took in $45.11 at the Spring Equinox (in donations and dues money).  We gave $37 to the Kripalu Yoga Center for that event ($25 rental fee plus $12 extra).  The group’s remaining funds equal $206.91 (which is to cover future ritual space rental fees and supplies).

We discussed new ways to store our group’s funds.

All current Folk of the protogrove have paid their annual dues in full as of Imbolc 2014.  Currently, no Allies of the protogrove have fully paid their dues.

6) Muin Mound Grove’s Lugh Games

Grey briefly mentioned that Muin Mound Grove will have its Lughnasadh ritual in late July as part of a three-day Lugh Games event.  There will be camping, a drum circle, potlucks, and games in honor of Lugh.  More details to come!



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