January 2014 Business Meeting Minutes

Held January 11th, 2014 in Clayton, NY.  

This short meeting took place after a discussion/walk through of the COoR.

Folk Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Tara Loughborough, and John

Allies Present: Holda and Jacob

Visitors Present:  Lucy, Nate, and Serena


1) We briefly discussed the meaning of Imbolc.  Deity of the occasion will Brighid.

2) Decided to make the potluck theme “healthy feast.”

3) The workshop prior to our ritual will comprise of making Brighid crosses and brats.  Grey will supply pipe cleaners and reeds.

4) Guests are encouraged to bring candles to obtain Brighid’s flame from Kildare, Ireland.

5) Ritual parts will be as follows:

Leader: Grey
Outsiders: Tara
Purification: Andrew and Jacob
Earth Mother: Cassandra
Bardic Deity: Grey
Nature Spirits: John
Ancestors: Nicole
Gods and Goddesses: Tara
Brighid: triple invocation by Grey, Tara, and Cassandra
Seer: Tara

6) Reminder that dues are due on Imbolc.


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