February 2014 Business Meeting Minutes

Held February 1st in Adams, NY

Folk of the Protogrove Present: Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Cassandra, Andrew, Tara Loughborough, and John.

Allies of the Protogrove Present: Cris and Holda

Visitors: Lucy

Called to order: 8:12 pm

1) Spring Equinox

Discussed the focus of our upcoming Spring Equinox ritual on March 15th.  We decided to once more “wake up the Nature Spirits” and honor them.  In addition, we will be joining others around the world with the “Waters of the World: a global day of ceremony to bless, heal, and protect the world’s waters from fracking.” Once more, guests are invited to bring percussion instruments to drum and wake up the Nature Spirits for spring! Guests are also invited to dress up as a favorite or meaningful Nature Spirit (plant, animal, mineral, element, etc…)  We will have this rite outdoors at the stone circle!

The parts for the ritual are as follows:

Ritual leader: Grey
Purification: TBD
Outsiders: Andrew
Earth Mother: Cassandra
Inspiration: Grey
Gatekeeper: Grey
Ancestors: Tara
Gods and Goddesses: Grey
Nature Spirits: Nicole
Seer: Tara

2) Wellspring

Grey reminded everyone that Wellspring will take place at the end of May.  Continued planning for those who hope to attend is taking place on our FB event page.

3) Treasury Report

Weretoad reported that we took in $23 in donations at the Winter Solstice event.  We gave $25 to Kripalu, leaving us with $45.80 in our funds.

At Imbolc, we collected $155 in annual dues from Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Tara, John, Cassandra, and Andrew.  $5 came from Cris as she will be paying over the course of five high days.  Holda said she will pay her dues at our next gathering.

We took in $28 in donations at Imbolc.

We agreed to give $30 to Kripalu.

We currently have $198.80 in our funds.

4) Study Group

Grey reminded everyone that we have a study group session on Saturday, Feb 8th at Paneera in Watertown.  It will be from 4:30 to 6:30 and those attending are asked to bring study materials for the DP, IP, GSP, CTP, etc.  This will be a working study session so, while those not taking part in the ADF study programs are welcomed to attend, they are reminded that that will be the focus.

5) Quilt Block

The ADF Artisans Guild has been working on making a giant quilt featuring blocks representing all ADF groves, protogroves, SIGs, Kins, Guilds, and Orders.  Northern Rivers has yet to submit one.  Grey expressed a desire for us to make one together and suggested brainstorming on the FB page.

6) Spring Cleaning at Kripalu Yoga Center

Kripalu’s vice president Steve asked Grey to invite everyone to the tentative Spring Cleaning on April 19th.  Grey encourages everyone to keep the date in mind so that we can give back to our generous hosts.

7) Arbor Day Event with the Thousand Islands Land Trust

We have been invited by TILT to volunteer, or potentially lead an activity, at their Arbor Day “For the Trees” event.  Grey asked everyone to think about it and we can brainstorm on the FB group.  This event is on April 24th at 9:30 am and is free to the public.  It is very family friendly.

8) More Music!

Andrew suggested that we meet every once and awhile to practice chants and instruments during for our rituals.  He enjoyed playing the guitar at our Imbolc rite and really wants to do more.  He wondered if Jacob would also be interested in playing guitar at a rite.  John is still interested in playing his bagpipes at a future event and Grey would like more drumming.

Meeting Closed at 8:30 pm


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