2013 Winter Solstice Omens

The deities of the occasion were An Cailleach and Angus.

The acting seer was Grey Catsidhe.

The divination tool used was the Druid Animal Oracle.

Ancestors – The seal, ròn.  The Ancestors speak of love and longing.  The winter and its weather often separates us from the ones we love, and certainly many were unable to attend the Winter Solstice ritual due to the snow and other obligations.  The Ancestors remind us that love and friendship last no matter the distance.

Nature – The hawk, seabhac. This creature speaks of nobility and partnerships.  Winter brings hardship but we must cling to our nobler natures to overcome them.  We must work together to survive and keep our eyes fixed on the distant prize.

Shining Ones – The stag, damh.  The Gods and Goddesses send us the lord of the wood, and once more speak of survival and strength in the cold part of the year.  They also urge us to be proud of who we are.  It is common to feel stressed by other holidays and traditions this time of year, but the Gods and Goddesses remind us to be true to ourselves – whatever that may mean!


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