Oct 19th 2013 Business Meeting Minutes

Starting time at ~ 3:00 pm

Folk Present:

Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Tara Loughborough, John, Cassandra, and Andrew

Allies Present:

Cat M, Nicole, and Jacob

Visitors Present:


  1. Autumn Equinox Ritual Reflection– Everyone agreed that having a master/mistress of hospitality was a good thing.  Grey felt that a reminder should be sent out to the person playing the part ahead of time so he or she can plan to arrive early enough to help guests.  Responsibilities include answering basic questions about the rite and holiday, or pointing visitors to folks who can answer, directing visitors where to put their potluck contributions, pointing out the bathroom, asking people to sign the guestbook, etc…  During ritual, the master/mistress of hospitality brings the pitcher of beverage around to each guest during the toast and boast portion.  Immediately after ritual, he or she leads visitors back to the Yoga Center while Folk clean up the rite.- We will continue to bring our own cups to the ritual space.

    – There was general approval of favors and sharing that responsibility for each high day as desired.

    – Grey reminded everyone that it’s traditional in Celtic-inspired traditions to go clockwise (sunwise) when making offerings and counterclockwise only in instances of banishing.  If people forget during rituals, that is ok – she just wanted to point it out.

    – The issue of smoking and cellphone use at our functions was discussed.  Grey reminded everyone that the FAQ on our website clearly states no smoking.  Folk and Allies are asked to politely direct anyone attempting to smoke not to.  There were several complaints that a visitor was using a cellphone during the ritual.  It was agreed that this is not appropriate and we will remind people to turn them off or leave them in the Yoga Center during our rituals out of respect.

    – Grey introduced the guestbook in the hopes that it will help keep track of who is coming and how often.  This will help Folk decide if people have been involved enough to be recognized as Allies and/or Folk eventually.  It will also help Grey fill out the quarterly paperwork.

  2. New Allies of the Protogrove– Grey formally welcomed Holda and her husband Jacob as official Allies of the Protogrove.  They have attended enough gatherings and demonstrated  respect, interest, and involvement.  The Folk feel comfortable letting them take on smaller roles in ritual and inviting them to their homes for private functions.
  3. Planning for Samhain-Tara is leading this ritual and is excitedly planning a favor for the event.- The rite is to honor our ancestors of blood, heart, and place.  A special altar will be erected inside and guests are invited to bring photos and/or mementos to represent their ancestors.

    – Guests are encouraged to bring offerings for their spirit allies as well as the ancestors.  Ancestral offerings of food will be placed on a silver dish and brought back to their altar inside.

    – Folk are asked to arrive early (3:30ish) to set up.

    – The assigned parts are as follows:

    Outsiders – Tara
    Bard – Cassandra
    Nature Spirits – Andrew
    Gods and Goddesses – Nicole
    Ancestors – Grey
    Earth Mother – Cassandra
    Seer – Tara
    Master of Hospitality – Jacob
    Magical Working – Grey

    – Grey and Weretoad will bring ye old bucket of Druid supplies for the rite.

    – Grey will talk to Steve at the Yoga Center about Maypole storage as it will be taken down prior to the rite and the ribbons will be given as a sacrifice.

    – Grey will bring a craft activity for all ages as well as coloring pages for little ones.

  4. Treasurer’s Report– Weretoad reported as follows: “Ended Autumn Equinox with $50.80.  Took in $54.67 in donations.  Gave $50 to Kripalu and spent $15 reserving pavilion at Thompson Park for the gem workshop.  We currently have $35.80.”- Grey explained that she occasionally likes to give extra donations to the Yoga Center to show our gratitude to them for letting us use their space.  Everyone expressed agreement.
  5. Review Dues and Make a Final Decision-Grey reminded everyone of previous discussion and decisions made at a meeting earlier in the year.  Feelings had not changed.  It was agreed that dues should be $25 a person.  Discussion would continue online as noted below in amendments.
  6. Next Workshop– As the weather was chilly, we decided to discuss this online.  See amendments.
  7. Start Planning for Winter Solstice-Cassandra had previously expressed an interest in leading this rite but now has a schedule conflict.- Briefly discussed gifts

    – Discussion will resume next meeting.

  8. Amendments – Folk discussed dues and membership levels privately via FB private messages.  It was decided that the phrase “Friends of the Protogrove” should be changed as it could give visitors the idea that we don’t want to be their friend until they prove a point.  Grey felt it was important that we expressed a desire to be friends with people even if they don’t feel called to our tradition or ADF membership.  It was decided that “Ally” conveys the appropriate meaning of that membership level.  Allies support the group and show a positive, respectful interest.  They may or may not have ADF membership and may or may not desire to become one of the Folk, but they regularly attend gatherings, help to setup and cleanup, and are positively interested in Druidism enough that they are trusted with small ritual parts.- Dues were discussed by the Folk online.  It was decided that we will collect $25 from Folk and Friends starting Imbolc, the date of our group’s recognition by ADF.

    – On the FB group, Ally Nicole suggested a workshop on divination.  We are currently trying to determining the date and place of such a workshop but there is great interest.


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