November 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Started: 4:00 pm

Folk Present: 

Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Tara Loughborough, and John

Allies Present:

Holda and Jacob

Treasurer Report:

We ended September with $50.80.  We spent $15 to reserve the pavilion in Watertown for the workshop on minerals and gemstones.  We gained $57 in donations at our Samhain celebration.  We donated $45 to the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center.  We have $47.80 in our funds as of November 23rd.

Membership Levels and Dues

We once more discussed membership levels and their purpose.  Reviewed that Allies and Folk are expected to pay $25 in annual dues to Northern Rivers starting on Imbolc.  Dues will be collected at our rite.  Anyone who joins after Imbolc will still be expected to pay dues and the Grove Organizer will keep track of when people are officially made Ally or Folk.  Dues will go towards reserving space at the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center, ritual supplies, and other Protogrove needs.  These expenses will always be reported at business meetings and made public via our website business meeting minutes.

There was also brief discussion about when and where folk initiations occur.

Public Spaces for Workshops, Other Rituals, and Social Gatherings

Jacob suggested a wooded yet publicly accessibly place on Fort Drum.  He is going to check on it for summer gatherings.  We had more discussion about utilizing space at the Cape Vincent and Watertown libraries.  Jacob also suggested looking into the McCarthy Hall community center on State St.

Reflections on Samhain

Everyone agreed that the ritual went well, the favors were wonderful, and the turnout was amazing.  There was concern about obtaining information on the omens which were drawn by Protogrove Ally Cat.  Hopefully they will be forthcoming.

Planning for Winter Solstice

The deities of the rite will once more be An Dagda (a God associated with abundance and joy) and An Cailleach (the Winter Hag).

In an effort to make our rites more accessible for children, Grey wanted to try using holiday songs (that aren’t explicitly Christmasy) instead of our usual chants.  We discussed various options and will continue to brainstorm on the FB group.

Ritual parts are as follows:

Hospitality: John
Bardic part: Grey
Outsiders: Tara
Gatekeeper: Grey
Nature Spirits: Holda
Ancestors: Grey
Shining Ones – Tara
An Dagda – Weretoad
An Cailleach – Grey
Seer – Grey

The main working will involve writing a wish of good will for someone or a group of someones.  These will be placed in the fire with the belief that the wish will rise on the smoke and go where it is needed.

There will be a gift exchange.  Bring something Pagan-oriented.  Gift should not exceed a $10 value to keep things even.  We will exchange gifts by drawing numbers or something similar.

Tara will take care of favors this time.

Meeting closed: 5:15 pm



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