August 2013 Business Meeting Minutes

This business meeting took place after the recent Folk of the Protogrove initiation and so only Folk were in attendance.  Usually, Friends of the Protogrove would be invited too, but it was just more convenient to have the meeting then.  I hope that’s understood!  It was a very short meeting.

Meeting Called to Order at 5:37 pm.

Folk of the Protogrove Present:

Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Tara, John, Cassandra, and Andrew.

Friends of the Protogrove Present:


1) Reflections on Recent Rituals

So far, everyone has really enjoyed the rituals.  There was some talk about adopting some of Muin Mound Grove’s practices such as holding hands to strengthen unity and give offerings in groups of three.  There was also discussion about doing more toning for energy work.  More people want to try wearing garb at rituals as well.  Attendees are encouraged to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, whether they’re street clothes, robes, or Renaissance garb!

2) Planning for the Autumn Equinox

The 2013 Autumn Equinox ritual will take place on September 28th at the Kripalu Yoga Center in Adams, NY.  The preritual briefing will start at 5 pm.  Folk and Friends are requested to gather around 4:15 to set up.

As part of the rite, there will be a saining for Baby Bee.  Rev. Skip Ellison of Muin Mound Grove will be there to perform that portion of the rite.  Grey Catsidhe expressed gratitude that Northern Rivers is okay with this an assures everyone it will last 15ish minutes.

The deity of the occasion will be the Earth Mother.  Will will thank her for the bounty of the season.  For a main offering, attendees are asked to bring a piece of the local harvest to give back to the Earth Mother.  Please make sure it’s something that you personally grew or harvested, or something bought from a local farmer.  Suggestions include a fruit, a vegetable, a handpicked flower, an acorn, a handful of herbs, etc.  Meat offering are not welcomed.

The following ritual parts have been claimed:

Bardic invocation: John

Outsiders: Cassandra

Nature Spirits: Andrew

Ancestors: Tara

Gods and Goddesses: Grey

Gatekeeper and Two Powers: Grey

Additional ritual parts will be assigned prior to the rite.

3) Study Group

We agreed to have our next study group/workshop meeting at Grass Point State Park in Alexandria Bay in early September.  Tara will present a workshop on gemstones and crystals.  

4) Treasurer’s Report

On the Summer Solstice, we received $30 in donations which brought our funds to $76.13.  We gave $30 to the Kripalu Yoga Center for use of their facilities that day.  Our ending balance was $46.13 which is what we currently have in our funds.

5) Future Workshop Ideas

Tara would like to offer 2nd level reiki training for Friends and Folk of the protogrove.

Grey suggested that Friends and Folk could gather to make Winter Solstice cookies, or we could have an open meeting somewhere and have a cookie exchange.

Meeting Ended at 5:52 pm


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