Summer Solstice 2013: Omens

The deity of the occasion was Manannan Mac Lir.

The acting seer was Tara Loughborough.

The divination tool used was the Druid Animal Oracle.

Nature Spirits: the bear

Ancestors: the cat

Gods and Goddesses: the fox


Bear – Nature Spirits

I felt the bear was an omen of the need to be protective of what we’ve created, as a mama bear is towards her cub. I also thought (half way through the ritual) that the bear is a symbol that we should remember to prepare for the winter that’s coming.

Cat – Ancestors

Summer is a time of love and lust, and I felt that the cat was an echo of this sentiment. Cats are sensual creatures. I also felt that it was a reminder that no matter how many times we fall, the ancestors intend to help us fall on our feet. The cat also had yellow flowers at its feet, which made me keenly feel Manannan’s presence.

Fox – Shining Ones

I felt that the fox was an omen of “persnicketiness”, and that through careful manoeuvring, we too shall catch our prey. The fox was also depicted in a snowy scene, again reminding us to be wary as the wheel turns towards the darker half of the year.



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