Summer Solstice 2013 – A Time of New Beginnings in Northern Rivers Protogrove!

Our Summer Solstice altar, set up by Tara and fellow grovies. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2013.

Although Northern Rivers Protogrove was officially recognized by ADF this past Imbolc, our story really started around the Summer Solstice of 2012.  It was around that time that founder Grey Catsidhe decided to take a chance and organize a coffee hour for folks in the Watertown area interested in Druidism.  It was a successful meet up, of course, and was the first step towards Northern Rivers’ birth as an ADF protogrove.  My goodness, we’ve come a long way!

This Summer Solstice was a time of new beginnings for Northern Rivers.  Grey Catsidhe and Weretoad surprised everyone by coming with their newly born daughter, Baby Bee!  She slept through most of the ritual and feasting, but the parents were so happy to bring her to a high day celebration – the first of many!

Hers wasn’t the only new face at the gathering.  We had quite the turnout – fourteen people in total, including four new adults and a fifth we haven’t seen since one of our earlier gatherings prior to when we offered rituals.  New people means we’re doing something right as far as outreach.  Even if those individuals didn’t feel called to Druidism, they heard about us and wanted to learn more.  That’s a success, if you ask me!  Now, even if they don’t feel Druidism is their path, I’m hoping they found us to be open and friendly enough to recommend to other curious folk.

Finally, this was the first ritual lead by someone other than Grey Catsidhe!  Tara* stepped up and organized a wonderful ritual to honor Manannan Mac Lir!  Despite the intense heat, the ritual went very well.  The God of seas and gateways was honored with offerings of yellow flowers!  The Kindreds were praised!  The folk were uplifted!

* A reflection by Tara is forthcoming!  Keep your eyes on the blog!


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