Preparing for the Summer Solstice

It’s nearly June and Northern Rivers is excitedly preparing for our upcoming Summer Solstice celebration!  

We will be honoring Manannan Mac Lir, Lord of the Seas and Keeper of the Ways!  It’s traditional to pay him “rent” around the Summer Solstice.  As we have been working with him as a gatekeeper, and as we are Northern Rivers and thus connected to the waters of the sea, it only feels right.  

This ritual will be lead by Tara.  This is the first time someone other than Grey Catsidhe will be leading, so it’s a very exciting time for us!  Grey is sitting this out and taking a smaller part just in case she goes into labor.  She is very proud of Tara for stepping up and taking charge!

Also exciting is the bardic workshop visiting ADFer Chelly will present!  She is going to teach us some chants and discuss the art and responsibility of bardcraft.  All are welcomed!

For more details, keep checking the event page!


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