Bealtaine 2013 Omens

The deities of the occasion were Medb and Angus.

The acting seer was Grey Catsidhe

The divination tool used was the Druid Animal Oracle.

Nature Spirits: the cat

Ancestors: the frog

Gods and Goddesses: the dog

Grey felt that the Nature Spirits, through the cat, were encouraging us to interact with our sensual side.  This was very appropriate to Bealtaine!  Nature encouraged us to indulge a little.

The Ancestors, on the other hand, sent us a message of healing and balance through the frog.  There’s the suggestion that, yes, we have earned the rite to indulge a little after the winter – but we must do so with moderation in mind.  Too much indulgence will make us ill and the ancestors want us to remember that.

The Gods and Goddesses once more sent us the dog, a card that symbolizes friendship and protection.  Grey interpreted this to mean that the Shining Ones are looking out for us and are happy with our efforts to grow closer to them.


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