Business Meeting Minutes – April 2013

Meeting called to order at ~ 5:30 pm.

Full members present:  Grey Catsidhe, Weretoad, Cat, Tara Loughborough, Andrew, and Cassandra.

  1. Reactions to the Spring Equinox

    Everyone felt that the Spring Equinox celebration went well.  There was agreement that the group is growing together in experience and confidence.  Athough the drumming started awkwardly, everyone really wants to continue working on it in future rituals.  We will see if/how we can incorporate it into Bealtaine! 

  2. Treasurer Reporta. The total deposits we received during the Spring Equinox period were $60.32.

    b. The total withdrawals equaled $55.19.  This figure is comprised of expenses on the protogrove PO Box, firewood for the ritual, and the use of the Kripalu Yoga Center facilities.

    c. Our current balance is $21.13.

  3. Site Content 

    a. Grey encouraged members to share any altar photos, recipes, poems, ritual/workshop reactions, etc with her to add to the website.  She also requested that full members submit bios, explaining that people who are interested in the group may like to see that we are populated.  Bios can make a group seem more personal and real.  Also, by listing interests and talents, newcomers will learn who to talk to about certain interests.  Grey suggests including such information as what brought you to Druidism/ADF/Northern Rivers, any subgroups you belong to in ADF, rituals or workshops you have lead, special talents or interests, future goals, and any related accomplishments you’d like to share.b. Everyone looked over the first draft of the digital logo and made comments and suggestions.  Weretoad has been working hard to incorporate everyone’s input so that it reflects the group as a whole.  Weretoad will continue to work on it.  The goal is to have a black and white as well as color graphic.

  4. Planning for Bealtaine

    a. Had a brief discussion about the background and purpose of the holiday.
    b. Reviewed hopeful timeline – gather at 3:00 to begin setting up.  Kid-friendly workshop will begin at 3:30 while Weretoad and Andrew prepare the Maypole and Grey Catsidhe and another finish setting up the altar.  Maypole will take place around 4:00ish followed by a pre-ritual briefing, ritual, and potluck.

    c. Discussed the Maypole.  Cassandra and Andrew reported that they are donating the funds for its purchase.  It will be a 16′ 4×4 from a local lumber store they have connections to.  It will have to be delivered by the lumber store due to its dimensions.  The Yoga center will be contacted as we have more information.

    d. Ritual parts will be as follows:

    – bardic spirit – Cat
    – Outisders – Weretoad
    – Gatekeeper – Grey
    – Nature Spirits – Tara
    – Ancestors – Cassandra
    – Gods and Goddesses – Cat
    – Angus – John
    – Medb – Grey
    – Seer – Grey

    Offerings with be discussed via FB.

    e. The date of our Bealtaine celebration was changed from May 5th to April 28th due to a schedule conflict with the Yoga Center.

  5. Folk Ceremony

    Grey briefly discussed her desire to have the Folk ceremony soon.  Our soon-to-be-implemented new membership guidelines will require that Northern River rituals are lead by Folk.  This ceremony should take place between the Bealtaine and Summer Solstice rituals, allowing for Grey to relax due to maternity issues.  This will be further discussed via email/FB.


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