Workshop Reflection: Reiki 1

Our reiki altar featuring items to ground and pendulums. Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2013.

Yesterday afternoon, some of our full grove members were treated to a very special workshop by reiki master Tara Loughborough.  As much as we love welcoming new folks to our gatherings, we decided to keep this a members-only event because reiki is such an intimate subject that requires a quiet, undisturbed environment for attunements and healings.  It made sense to have it at a member’s home and to limit it to a handful since attunements can take several minutes.

Why reiki?  While it’s not a traditional Druidic art, and doesn’t even come out of any Indo European culture, it’s meant to be a secular alternative healing technique.  Many of us are interested in energy work and developing our intuition.  Tara explained that reiki is an excellent way to practice these skills.  There are actually several ADFers who practice reiki.  It fits well into their healing work.  Finally, reiki has become a topic that interests many in the larger Neo Pagan and alternative spirituality movement.  We don’t view ourselves as living in a vacuum and desire to learn about other approaches to better ourselves and build bridges with others.

Tara went above and beyond in her workshop.  Everyone received binders with information on reiki in the Usui lineage and a CD full of calming music.  She patiently answered all of our questions and guided us through what we should expect.  Then, one by one, we received a first degree attunement before practicing.

It was a really interesting experience.  Personally, I saw colors during my attunement and felt the presence of Brighid, who approved of my learning more about this healing technique, and an ancestor – my late grandmother.  She was a nurse in WWII and also expressed delight in my learning more about healing.

Overall, it seems everyone had a very positive experience.  Even without visions of colors or beings, everyone felt relaxed and very positive.  We look forward to future reiki workshops and practicing our new skills!

~ Written by Grey Catsidhe, Protogrove Organizer


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