Protogrove Wishlist

By posting this, I’m not asking for anyone reading this to provide for us.  People involved in or supportive of Northern Rivers should not feel pressured to go out and purchase any of these items.  I’m simply using this space to brainstorm some things that would help with planning rituals, setup/cleanup, and our potlucks.  By posting it here, I’m “putting it out into the universe.”  When the time is right, these items will make their way to our collection.

  1. A cauldron just for Northern Rivers.  Currently I’m sharing my personal ritual supplies.  I don’t mind doing this, but I feel that the protogrove should have something of its own.  I won’t be grove organizer forever, so I might not always store the group’s ritual objects.  I will want to have my bowls and cauldrons around for personal use.  For now, while we grow, I definitely don’t mind sharing.  However, I do feel that our group ritual objects should belong to all the members and not primarily one person. 
  2. A grove drinking horn and chalice.  Just as above, I’m sharing my ceramic drinking horn.  It was a wedding gift to me from my husband and has real sentimental value.  Transporting it to our rituals always makes me a little nervous.  I’m on the lookout for something similar – not made of real horn so as to include veg*ans in our rites.  I’ve been looking for a chalice for awhile too.  We definitely could use two drinking vessels so as to be more hospitable.  I would like to offer an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage for our return flow.  I’m not necessarily attached to the idea of just a drinking horn and just a chalice.  Two chalices or two horns would work just as well!  I’m actually leaning more towards two chalices for space considerations now that I think about it…
  3. A more consistent supply of incense.  This is always needed.  I’m thinking that a future workshop could be all about making our own incense and then using what we make for our rituals.  How intensely meaningful would that be?!
  4. A separate tote or crate for our wood.  Right now, we have one tote dedicated to housing our group’s ritual supplies.  This makes transportation really easy.  Our bonfire fuel has no such container and kind of floats around.
  5. More tablecloths.  I’ve basically donated the sheets I was using as tablecloths during my craft vending days for our potluck.  They’re red and work well for now, but I would like to have more colors to correspond with other High Days in the future.  This is just an aesthetic goal – nothing to do with practicality. 😉
  6. More altar cloths. Same as above!  Thankfully I sew and our collection grows each High Day.  These add symbolic meaning to our ritual setup, acting as mental keys which can be very powerful during ritual – especially to people who are new to the rites and Our Druidism!

That’s all that comes to mind right now.  It’s a humble little list.  I’ve already donated small offering bowls and a portable altar table to the protogrove that are just for the group to use.  That has helped immensely.


~Posted by Grey Catsidhe, grove organizer of Northern Rivers Protogrove, ADF


7 thoughts on “Protogrove Wishlist

  1. I have a perfect little chalice/goblet/cup with a Celtic knot design that I got at the local Irish Festival! If there is a similar event in your area, you might try checking out the vendors to see what they have! This particular vendor had other pottery pieces as well as ceramic Green Man decorations. 🙂


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