Spring Equinox 2013 Omens

The being of the occasion were the Nature Spirits.

The acting seer was Grey Catsidhe

The divination tool used was the Druid Animal Oracle.

Nature Spirits: the boar (torc)

Ancestors: the crane (corr)

Gods and Goddesses: the dog (cù)

Grey Catsidhe interpreted the boar to refer to the warrior spirit and possible challenges in the future.  We should feel the ability to charge ahead despite them, or perhaps we need to take up a warrior stance to defend the Nature Spirits around us.

For the Ancestors, Grey felt the crane indicated that the ancestors were listening as the crane is a liminal creature.  Although in the Other World, the Ancestors are listening to us.  If we start to pay attention to them, they have teachings to offer us.

The Gods and Goddesses gave us the dog, a creature of loyalty and protection.  Grey interpreted this to mean that the Gods are also there for us and pleased with our protogrove.  They offer us comfort despite any difficulties we may face.

The omens were good.


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