God-a-Month: Possible Protogrove Activity?

A fellow ADFer and blogger, Seanmcdh, was inspired by Hellenismos and their practice of focusing on one of the twelve Olympians each month. He’s decided to do it focusing on Irish deities. He’s elaborating it, though, to accommodate for the great diversity of Irish deities and meditating on specific Gods on certain full moons.  It’s worth checking out and really inspired me to propose a modified form as a protogrove activity.  It seems like a great way to foster spiritual growth, learning, and possibly some meaningful relationships with the deities!

I came up with an initial list that is based on holidays, seasonal changes, my own UPG, and inspired by some of Sean’s suggestions.

January – Manannan (the Gatekeeper, so he makes sense to me in January as it’s the secular New Year)
February – Brighid (Imbolc)
March – Ériu (triple Goddess of Ireland for Irish Heritage month)
April – Ogma (Honestly, I wasn’t sure where to put him after placing the others… but he’s an important figure and I didn’t want to leave him out.)
May – Oengus Mac Og (God of lurve for Beltaine) 
June – Airmid (Goddess of herbs and healing)
July – Nuada (a warrior king – seems appropriate for the 4th of July… lol)
August -Lugh (Lughnasadh) 
September – Goibnu (laborer and Labor Day) 
October – An Morrigan (associated with Samhain)
November – An Dagda (God of plenty since we’ll be thinking about feasting anyway, also with strong Samhain associations)
December – An Cailleach (hag of winter)

The list is not set in stone and is likely to change if we do it again.  There are still so many Irish deities to explore, and then we could look at other Celtic cultures.

A few protogrovies have indicated an interested in this experiment.  Here’s hoping it goes well as we begin with Ériu!


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